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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Reminder...if you are playing in my giveaway

for the flip album, don't forget, if you post an anonymous comment and I cannot identify who you are, those entrants will not be considered because I won't be able to find you if you are one of the winners!! Please post your real name and at least an email address so I can find you. If you don't want to post this information because others could see (privacy issue), you may send me a personal email. On the subject line, please write flip album giveaway info. Thanks! I've been checking out the links that some of you posted and the projects are cute! I can't wait to see more!

Sorry, nothing to post today craft-wise. I've been working on my projects for this month's class which we will be making 6 wedding cards and 6 sympathy cards. I'm so happy with the results of the wedding cards and I know that you will too! Please email me if you are interested in attendng this month's class (June 22 and 29) and I will fill you in on all of the details. For those of you who have never taken my class or purchased a class kit, all of the pieces are prepared for you and pretty much all you do is stamp and assemble the card/project. Part of the neat thing of attending a class is that you get to learn techniques and different ways to use some of the common supplies. Plus, attendees also get to do a bonus project!

Happy Thursday everyone! I will be back tomorrow with a sneak peak of the class cards!!

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Denise said...

I'll be there on the 22nd.