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Saturday, June 14, 2008

This was easy

June is a busy birthday month!! I have five more bday cards to make for this month!! Let's see...did one for Cheryl already :) - need to make one for Sherry, Leilani, Susie, Joyce and can't forget my son, Nolan. He will be 13 on Monday! The official "teenager" - I better buckle my seatbelt! I took off from work on Monday so that we can do something special for his bday. He requested to go fishing. Hmm, I haven't done that in a while. Maybe Nolan and Dad can fish and mom can take pics and relax???

Well, after creating the 6 wedding cards and 3 sympathy card designs for this month's class, I've run out out creativity!! oh no! Thank goodness for my google reader. I was so happy that tonight, I was able to finally view all 500 posts! I used to think that it was super cool to just subscribe in a reader that I will take my time to check out each fantastic post and then it started to back up when I didn't log in to check daily. I think the highest amount of posts I've gotten that I didn't view was like almost 1,000 - whoa, that's alot of posts!! I have since started to subscribe to alot of blogs just so I can check them out on my email and not miss all of the good stuff!

Sorry to drag on about readers, but this brings me to the reason I was so happy for the reader! I fell in love with a birthday card made by Taylor VanBruggen so I ran over to my table to make one while I kept my computer on her blog! Thank you for the inspiration, Taylor! Click here to view other fantastic projects by Taylor. Here's what I made. I won't spoil who it's for so I won't mention her name. I love the way it came out and it was so easy! I'll be posting more birthday cards in the days to follow.


Cardstock: close to cocoa, purely pomegranate

Designer paper: Fall Flowers

Stamp sets: Big Bold Birthday, Eat Cake

Accessories: pomegranate double stitched ribbon, silver brad from the silver hodgepodge, dazzling diamonds and gold stickles.

I'm exhausted! Today, Wini came over and helped me cut all the pieces for my 30 card kits for this month! Thank you Wini for your help! Wini is the cutting queen...she loves to cut paper. Also, thank you to my sister, Cheryl, for being my supply back up! I borrowed a load of supplies from her. My order will be arriving sometime next week but we wanted to do it all today!

Hey! there's still room to reserve your spot for my class this month. Email me if you are interested! It's late and time to hit the pillow...Stampin' Up! retired list is probably out already!!! I'm so excited to see what is retiring. Thanks for looking in - Goodnight everyone!


Rita said...

Love the design & color combo of this card Teri! It's beautiful!!!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Nolan! Yes, Taylor does beautiful work, has nice stuff in her online store, and I'm amazed how creative she is and so young - she is one of my fav blogs to read. Thanks for sharing.

Alhambra Club said...

This card is adorable, saw that desert from the post below it looks yummy.

Allison Rankin said...

Cute card Teri...love the colors you chose!

Anonymous said...

Love the color combination on this card....very nice!

Gina Wrona said...

Aloha Teri,

Good Job! I've always had trouble with these solid stamps, I just can't get enough ink/pressure so the image never comes out right.

But, you did an awesome job!