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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Flip album made for my first winner

Aloha friends! It's been almost one week since I got on my blog and the computer for that matter!! Did you miss me? I missed all of you! For most of us, family comes first, right?? Well, my Dad, who is the bestest dad in my world, started to not feel good so I dropped everything to make sure we get to the reason why. Doctor visits two days in a row finally sent him to the hospital. Dad just turned 88 years old but for those of you who personally know him, know that he is not your typical 88 year old. His still has a sharp mind, is very witty (can make you laugh anytime) and so thoughtful. Not to mention that he helps me with all of my craft adventures and even cuts my SU stamps! (he does a pretty darn good job at it too!). Anyway, Dad is currently in the hospital but is getting better every day so we can't wait til he comes home. We spend alot of time at the hospital because it is lonely and boring for him. I'm also running mom around to take her here and there among everything else! Anyway, thanks for listening.
Remember my flip album giveaway a while back? Well, I decided to do custom albums for the three winners and this is the one I made for Jodi Lee. I just LOVE this cute stamp called Double Trouble by Whipper Snapper. When Jodi made those cute push pins for me using the shrink art (I posted those a while back too), I just fell in love with this stamp. Jodi was so super sweet, she bought the stamp for me!!! Thanks, Jodi! I love how the cover turned out. This is also the first time I'm using one of my new font dies by Sizzix. This font is called Boss-O...so cute! The words Best Friends is by Wordsworth and I used the SU punches (scallop circle and 1 3/8" and 1 1/4" circles). Papers are from a kit by 3 Bugs (Hey Jen, I'm still using those!!).
Here are the inside pages. This cute doggie stamp is from the new Hero Arts clear stamp line. I had to buy this doggie set!
I got this cute "Big Dog" stamp from Cute Stuff. I want to say it's a PB stamp and I can't find it in my drawer...so sorry. I do love this stamp too!

This cute dog face is from another clear doggie stamp set by Doodlebug...another "I had" to have it set! I did buy the kitty set too, bought both sets from Fisher Hawaii Fort Street Mall store.

Here's the last page. I got this stamp from Cute Stuff too. We used this stamp in my Peek-a-Boo card. Another oh-oh, can't find the stamp moment. My work table is a hurricane mess at the moment. No wonder I can't find anything!!

I'm hoping to do more posting this week. It's a holiday weekend! We don't have any grand plans for the 4th of July weekend. Would be nice to have Dad come home. I'll see you all soon!


Gina Wrona said...

Aloha Teri,

Too cool! I have that same dog stamp w/the toilet paper!

Wow, You did an awesome job, the only thing that would have made it any better is if I was the winner of this marvelous dog flip book! jk


Kacie said...


Sending well wishes for your dad. Hang in there! Did you ever post a tutorial for the flip albums? I couldn't find it and was just wondering how to try it on my one.


Allison Rankin said...

This is so cute...love that stamp!

Unknown said...

Think positive thoughts for your dad - love your flip album with the cute doggy.

Maria said...

Hey Teri,

I'm really sorry to hear of your dad! I'm really glad to hear that he is doing better. I worked in a hospital and it can get pretty darn lonely for the patients and most of all, quite boring! Furthermore, you don't get any sleep. It's a fallacy that patients are able to rest in the hospital. . .as a matter of fact they don't get any sleep. Every 4 hours they are woken up to have their vital signs checked. . .the lights are always on, you can hear all the noise out in the halls, etc. etc. So. . .I'm glad that he'll be returning home soon!

Love your flip album. The recepients will surely enjoy receiving it! The images are so darn cute!


aerolgirl said...

Well wishes to your Dad, Teri...hope he can come home soon.
i just love all of the dog stamps you used in the album...

Arielle said...

This is so cute! Teri, you're my stamping idol! :)

Jodi said...

Hi Teri,

I love my album!! I love that you used our favorite doggie stamp with the TP!! =)
It's great to hear your dad is doing much better and is at home, maybe now he can get some sleep. Your dad is such a nice guy, he looks no where near his age, this must be because he is so active. Maria who left a comment for you is correct, patients never get to sleep in the hospital.

Risa said...

Your Flip Albums are adorable Teri!

Rita said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your dad, so glad to hear that he's doing better! He sounds so wonderful, everytime you talk about him I can hear the love in your words. I know what its like to run around with a sick parent, remember that you need to take care of yourself in order to be there for them!

This album came up so beautiful!

Little C's Creations said...

Too cute!!! Yea, I still have some 3 bug papers too... LOL!!! Love your flip album!

hugs to daddy for me...