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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Check out what my friend Adrienne made!

Happy Monday! You know the saying "it's a small world", well one day I get this phone call from my friend Adrienne, who just so happens to work in the same department as me and she tells me that she was trying to figure out party favors for her son's grad party and she stumbled upon my blog! She wasn't sure if that was me or what...shocked!? Nah! Well, last year, I helped my girlfriend Cami make favors for her son Kody's grad party...all 200 of them and they turned out pretty cool because we used his photo to form the favor. I learned this sour cream container using a photo from Brian at Photocraft but have also seen versions using designer paper as well.
Adrianne did a fabulous job in creating a photo for the favor. This is the front of the favor. Whoa, her son, Grant, is one handsome buggah yeah? Here's the other side of the favor. Just loved the way she incorporated his grad pics on here too!
Close-up of the tag she made. OMG girl, so professional! I just love the way you did this tag! Maybe Adrienne will be going into business as her relatives are consulting her to make favors for a birthday party now. Good luck!
Thanks for coming by today! Dad is having his gall bladder surgery this morning but he is ready as ever. He wanted to know if he could have a video done of the surgery so he could watch it after it was all pau (done). Keep him in your thoughts today...I'll be back tomorrow with Little C's weekly chalenge #6!


Maria said...

Yes, it's a small world big time. It's funny because Jodi (blogger from Hawaii) stumbled across my blog through Jen's site. She told me she was an RN at a hospital in Hawaii and I asked her if she knew a college classmate of mine. It turns out her ex-boyfriend was roommates with my classmate. LOL!

Your favor is wow! Awesome! It looks so professional looking! I love it.

I wish your dad the best. I hope he recovers real quick! LOL! It's funny that he wants to take a video of his surgery. . .I don't know if I'd like to see my insides!


Joy said...

WOW! I made those sour cream favors for Roland's 50th birthday, but it wasn't as fancy as that. at least I have an idea for Taelyn's birthday...we'll see... maybe you'll come up with something more clever closer to her date =)

Jodi said...

These are cute, I have one from a friend sitting on my desk!=)

Colleen said...

What a cute party favor. You and Jen are pros at helping your friends put together their party favors. I would hire the both of you anytime to help me make party favors for my kids' b-day parties. Hint... Zachy's b-day is in Nov. :)

How is you Dad doing? He is brave to want to watch a video of his surgery. I wouldn't.

Rita said...

Awesome favors, your such a good friend & what a great idea to put the pictures on these favors! They look fantastic & I bet he loved them too!

Hope your dad is doing well! He's so funny to want to have a video of the surgery to watch afterwards.

Little C's Creations said...

Woooo Hooooo!!!! Go Govs!!!!

To you our dear Alma Mater,
We pledge our love and loyalty.
And sing a tribute all together,
that all may hear our song to thee;

So let us raise her royal banner, and it will hold victorious sway!!!!
Then mingle merry hearts and voices, in praise of FARRINGTON!

Woooo Hooooo!!!!! Memories I tell ya.... LOL!!!!

Thanks for sharing and bringing back them good ol' feelings!!!!


Unknown said...

Favor was so professionally done - yes, she can go into business. Maybe the doctor will give your dad his gallstones as a momento instead. My husband should have had this surgery over three years ago but still put it off.

Risa said...

Your friends party favors are terrific!!!!
I'm so sorry that I've been MIA the pasts few days. My hubby had surgery also. His surgery was labeled as out patient surgery, but he had to stay overnight as well. All is fine and he is in bed resting.
I wish your dad a speedy recovery Teri! Take care of him and try not to worry.

Ethan Mashimo said...

great favors!!

is there anywhere where i can find instructions on how to do this favor? thanks!