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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I can't keep up

In my RAK posting. I feel like such a brat receiving more raks and braks but I can't get too behind. Gotta make sure I acknowledge all of you thoughtful gals out there! Got this rak from Cheryl M. for the birthday gifts I gave to her. Isn't this card sweet? This image is a Dandelion Designs stamp. One of Jean's new images. I loved it so much, I ran out and bought one! You can get tons of cute ideas from the Dandelion Designs blog here. The link to Jean's DD website to purchase her stamps are on my sidebar. You can also get these image and more at J's Knicknacks and Cute Stuff! Thanks Cheryl for this cute card, love it more because it's pink!!My next brak came all the way from Michigan! This cute cannister filled with salt water taffy (yummy!) and suspension card was made by Gina Wrona. Thank you so much! I had to hide some of the candies before my family made them all disappear! I just love the scratch and sniff of koolaid on the cannister!
close-up of the cool card. Love the penguin!
It's the middle of the week, yay!! Thanks for spending a little bit of your day with me! Have a great day!


Gina Wrona said...

Aloha Teri,

I'm so happy your RAK got their in 1 piece. I was a little bit worried the taffy would melt if they left your pkg in the sun,kwim?
It was long overdue, but I just had to make you something special with the stamps & supplies I won from your blog.


Jodi said...

These are all really awesome RAKs!!

Anonymous said...

Love all those RAKs you keep receiving. What a lucky girl! We are all lucky to know you too. That is why you get so many goodies. :)

Jodie said...

Wow these are soooo cute. I bought some stamps at j's the other day.

Risa said...

Your RAKs and goodies are beautiful Teri!