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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My friends are so good to me

I gotta say that I have the bestest friends. Not because they give me RAKS, but just because they are always thoughtful in everything they do! Here are more BRAKS that I received. Sorry if it's a little late, I'm running behind in my posting! Thank you to all of you!!!
From Linda. I've had my eyes on these ribbons for a while, you are a mind reader! The card is so sweet too!
From Denise. The card is soooo cute! and I just love the hand made jewelry too!
From Rita. Thank you Rita! Love the dew drops, never owned any! Now I have a bag of my own!! To see this card IRL is something else, very sparkly and so detailed!!

From Eunice. I just love cards made by Eunice!! She is so talented. This turtle card is just too cute, so much detail!
Here's the inside of the card...I found a goodie inside too!

From my DL Kelly T. Kelly just came home from the SU convention in Utah. I can't believe that she gave me her convention bag. I love it!! Also
got the SU Statement of the Heart stamp in the special pouch and the 20th Anniversary charm...Ooh-la-la!

Here's a close up of the charm.

This was Kelly's first convention and I didn't realize that when she asked me how many swaps I made when I went to convention that she was going to do the same. I was crazy back then, and if I go to convention again, I could not, or would not make the 600 swaps that I made. Too heavy! So you wanna guess how many swaps Kelly made?? Uh-huh...600! Yikes!! You go girl! And what a surprise! She gave me this whole whopping box of 300 swaps!! I still haven't had the time to look at every one, but I will! In fact, they will be on display at my open house on Saturday, August 30th so if you'd like a peek at them, come on over! THANK you, Kelly!! This was such a surprise!

Time to get off the computer and drag my behind to work. I'm sleep deprived today as I had to take my son to the ER last night. He's resting and at home. Daddy will take him for a check up today. More tomorrow!
A shout out to Wanda...if you are reading today, can you email me? I lost your email address (duh!)...thanks!


Rita said...

Awesome RAK's Teri! Lucky girl you!

Wow the energy it took to make 600 cards! That was so nice of Kelly to give you her bag & half her swaps.

Risa said...

Your RAKs and gifts are very beautiful and generous! You are truly blessed and you are a beautiful person Teri and we all love you much!

Joy said...

WOW! so many goodies and great cards...I'm glad you have the bestest friends =)

Unknown said...

Wow, Teri, so generous RAKs - your friends realize what a good friend you are!

Jodi said...

You are one lucky girl!! I love the cards and your bag from convention!! =) That's a cool charm! I truly can't believe you made 600 cards when you went!! =)

Jodi said...

You are one lucky girl!! I love the cards and your bag from convention!! =) That's a cool charm! I truly can't believe you made 600 cards when you went!! =)

JackieLou said...

Wow you so lucky lucky.... Lovely sweet freinds & RAKS.

Jodie said...

Hope you get some rest, and your son is feeling better soon.

Denise said...

You deserve all the goodies. Thanks for all that you do for us.

JackieLou said...

Thanks Teri. I especially love checking JeNNs, Jen youngs, & your blog daily. It's a must on my daily agenda. hehehe.


Colleen said...

You are such a lucky girl. You are always getting all these great RAKs. (I guess everyone knows that you like pink. I wonder if the same Hawaiian birdle that told me that you like pink told them. :)) I love them all. I especially like all the goodies that your friend got for you from the convention and all 300 of the swaps that she received. I can't beleive that she made 600 of them.