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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

OMG! What's up with blogger???

OMG! Today is LCWC #14 and I created a post last night for my take on this week's challenge. Well, this morning, all the photos on my post were gone as I went back in to "edit" and add in the links for the divas who are playing this week. I KNOW I saved, in fact, I always save several times while I'm drafting the post just to make sure, if you know what I mean! I am bummed. So sorry friends :(

I have had some problems with my blog (uploading, etc.) earlier...anyone else with problems?

Well, now that I am at work, I cannot pull up any photos of my card or the sketch since it is saved on my home computer, so I guess you'll all just have to wait til I get home from work to post my creation - boo hoo! I am so sad.

But since you are here, you might want to check out the creations by my fellow design team divas' blogs to see what they came up with this week!

Jen, Risa, Jean, Maria and Ellie... and don't forget to get all of the details and last week's challenge winner at Jen's blog, Pieces of Me...

Thanks for your visit, I appreciate you


Risa said...

You know I have been having issues with Blogger lately also Teri. It really burns me up at times too!
If I continue to have problems, I'm going to have to have to write them a leter or two!:)

Colleen said...

I am so sorry to hear that all your hard work in loading the pictures did not work. I know the feeling. I have not had a problem with Blogger lately but I have in the past. It's very frustrating.

Lulu said...

I had a little trouble with blogger on MOnday. I changed my whole layout - going from a 2 column to a 3 column one I found at another site. It wouldn't let me change it. I had to retype everything in - all my widgets and my own personal things like my blog title and wallpaper. What should have taken me 30 minutes took me 4 hours! I get really disgusted with blogger sometimes! So, I've officially vented with you.