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Monday, November 10, 2008

Finally, the raks!

Happy Monday! I can't believe how it was Friday and all of the sudden, it's Monday again!! Busy, busy weekend! Class was on Saturday with 11 attendees! I'll be posting the projects during the week. I know I kept saying that I was going to post raks I received, so without further delay (again), here they are! This first rak is from Denise. Denise is a stamping sister of mine. We both have the same upline but live on this side of the island. Denise comes regularly to my monthly classes and we have so much fun! I just love all of the goodies she sent to me, I was the lucky recipient of one of 3 raks she randomly sent out, so MAHALO Denise! You are so sweet! This next rak came all the way from California from my friend Colleen with the big Hawaiian heart. Colleen and her hubby visits the islands annually, so I am excited to meet them in person on their next trip here!! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays so these goodies will be put to good use when I finally get my act together! I just love the Halloween papers! I will have to use photos from last year as Nolan went to a friends house this year, so no pics!
Come back tomorrow for LCWC #17 - it's a color challenge! Also, if you have ordered a kit for my gift card holder class, the kits are done, I am working on finalizing the supply list and photos! Thanks for starting your week with me!


Catherine said...

what an awesome RAK you got :)

Risa said...

Oh my goodness...Your RAKs and goodies from Denise and Colleen are beautiful Teri! TFS!!!

Joy said...

what lovely RAKs you got...you are truly blessed with such great blogging sisters! I'm sorry I didn't make it to the class...we got busy with this weekend...we had Marc, Taelyn's brother over and so it got too much to handle! mostly at the soccer field =) we'll get together soon...I promise!

Rita said...

Fabulous RAK's for a very lucky & wonderfully sweet girl like you Teri! Hugs!

Colleen said...

I thought that the RAK goodies that I sent to you were pretty cool. They even look better on the computer screen.

It was my pleasure surpising you with you some goodies.

I am excited to meet you one day soon too. Hope that my hubby can visit the islands very soon. We sure miss them as well as the yummy food.