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Sunday, January 4, 2009


Joy knows how much I love awards :) She's such a sweetheart to award me with this Encouraged Award. Thank you! Here are the rules:
In order to get this award you need to:
Post a link of the person who gave you this award. Nominate 5 other people and give a link to their sites. Let your nominators know that they got an award from you. Put a logo of the award on the blog. Here are 5 blogs that I give this award:
Risa - Life's Simple Pleasures
Fay - My Stamping
Rita - Rita's Little Corner
Michelle - Mushi's Creative Inspirations
Jodi - Inked Inspirations
I guess this award is making it's rounds because alot of the gals that I were going to award this to has already been awarded! There are so many of you out there that I wanted to send this award to! Hope you are all having a fun weekend!


Jodi said...

Teri! Congratulations on the award and Thank you for sharing it with me.
I have something for you on my blog!
Jodi =)

Risa said...

Congratulations on your award Teri!
Your cards and project are awesome and your blog is a joy to visit! Thank you for all of your encouragement and for nominating me as well.

Michelle Alejandro said...

Thanks Teri for the award! Sorry about the mix-up with the downloads, but glad you finally got them. TTYL!

Joy said...

thanks for the downloads! you are the best! you deserve this award and many more...let's plan to get together and craft! each person brings a project to share =)

Fay said...

Hi Teri! Thanks for the award!! You totally deserved this award because you are always so encouraging! Thank you again!!

Rita said...

Congrats on your award Teri! Thanks so much for thinking of me, I'm honored & will post soon! Stampin hugs to you my friend!!!

Colleen said...

A belated congrats on your reward. You deserve it! Your blog is awesome. I think one of the best ones in blogland.