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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Double Shaker Box Tutorial - Part 1

Here is part 1 of the double shaker box tutorial. I broke it up into 2 parts, just because there are 2 steps. First, you have to assemble the shaker part and the second part will be the outer covering for your shaker. This is the sample that I used to do the tutorial.Basic Supplies to make the shaker portion of the box:
Extra firm, super thick foamies (or 6 mm fun foam). I purchased my foam from Ben Franklin for $1.99 per 8 1/2X11 sheet. For my tutorial, I used pink foam because they didn't have white.
Acetate sheets. I bought my sheets from Fisher Hawaii (report covers) for 40 cents, or you could buy them from J's (sorry, forgot the price!).
Micro Beads and other miscellaneous shaped beads. I also used hearts punched out of cardstock. Locally, you can purchase the micro beads from Cute Stuff (prices vary starting from $2.50) Stampin' Up! also sells the bead duo - micro beads and a bead assortment for $9.95.
Double stick tape. I used the Heiko tape but another good tape would be the sticky strip (SU) or the scor-pal tape (you could get those at J's)
Exacto knife. You will want to make sure that the blade on your knife is nice and sharpe to avoid jagged edges (don't look close at my edges!)
Ruler. Metal edge ruler is recommended, but I used my fiskars acrylic ruler which worked pretty good too.
Other supplies I used to complete this shaker here will be listed at the end of this post.
Step 1: Cut 2 pieces of foam at 4" X 4 1/2".
Step 2: I created a template using thin cardboard measuring 3" X 3 1/2" and centered it on the foam pieces. Trace the window on both pieces.
Step 3: Cut out windows on both pieces.
Step 4: Adhere double sided tape on all edges of both pieces.
Step 5: Turn over one of the pieces and add tape to the back side of both pieces (sorry, missing some tape here!)
Step 6: Cut out 4 pieces of acetate measuring 4" X 4 1/2". Adhere one acetate window as shown.
Step 7: Turn piece over, take off the tape on this side of the foam and add micro beads in the window.
Step 8: Take the second foam piece and add a window as shown in step 6. Add your stamped image on top of the acetate window.
Step 9: Take off the tape and place the embellished piece on the piece with the beads as shown here. (Are you guys still with me?? Almost done...)
Step 10: Add more beads in this second window. I also added punched out hearts in my sample.
Step 11: Add the last piece of acetate to close off this window.
Your shaker is done!! Part 2 will show you how to finish off your shaker. Once you've made one of these shakers, you can make them in any size. You just have to play with the measurements.
Additional supplies I used for my shaker:
Images: Gorjuss Girls, Fundamental Phrases (SU)
Cardstock: lavendar bazzill paper
Accessories: eyelet border punch (SU), flowers by Hero Arts, rhinestone brad, rhinestone, scallop oval punch.
I know what you are all thinking that it's too difficult to make, but it really isn't. Once you complete it, you will be so happy that you tried it!!! I'm working on Part 2 which should be posted on the next day (I hope!!) Thank you for bearing with me through this tutorial!!
Acknowledgement goes to Lianne Higa, owner of Cute Stuff (Puck's Alley, Honolulu) for inspiring me to make this!


Risa said...

Awesome tutorial Teri!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing and I can't wait to see part two of your tutorial!

Denise said...

Great Tutorial Teri, I'm wondering if I should attemt the "double" shaker just yet! HAHAHA

corinnesomerville said...

What an AMAZING tutorial, girlie !!! I'm definitely going to give this a try !!! Thanks for once again inspiring me, my friend !!!!

Love ya !

Allison Rankin said...

Oh wow Teri...I love this idea for a project! I am heading to the dollar store for my weekly visit so I can pick up some foam...I am so doing this for our LPS DT challenge next month! Plus, I finally got your mail yesterday (I know, huh?)...I posted a very long-winded story about it on my blog!

As always, your kindness and thoughtfulness is astounding. Truly, you are one of the most giving people I have ever met (and I see that I am not the only one in blog-o-land to be spoiled by your efforts!). Please know that the kids and I are very appreciative...mere words don't seem to be enough to thank you! Have a good week chickadee!

Cheryl said...

I bought my foam over the weekend so I'm ready to get started on this! It was a very good tutorial!

Linda said...

Great tutorial Teri! Very easy to understand. Maybe you don't need to do a private class for me and Denise. Ha ha!

StampinCathy said...

Wow I never thought of a double shaker. This is just an adorable card. Your tutorial was so easy to follow and thanks for taking the time to show us how to do it.

Jodi said...

Very awesome tutorial!! I will post the one I did and link everyone here. =)
Thanks for signing up on my blog candy!

Marisa said...

Thank you for the tutorial!!! Very cool! Have a great day!

Kyoko said...

Whoo Hoo ... thanks for the tutorial. Can't wait to make one!

Joy said...

WOW! seeing it all out in front of my eyes really shows me how much work it takes to make one. actually when you're in the middle of it all...it's not that bad! thank you for giving me the hands on step by step tutorial...I probably would never have tried it if I just looked at your tutorial. I guess you could say I'm a visual person, but more you need to show me first before I do. hahaha! good luck on part 2!

Jenny said...

Thank you Teri! I must be old school because I totally thought of using foam tape and didn't even think about using foamies!! Shucks, just went to Ben Franklin today and didn't pick any up. Guess I gotta head back there soon so I can get started. Thanks again for sharing!

Ayelet said...

Thanks for a great tutorial!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the tutorial, Teri. Seeing a visual guide sure makes it easier - never made one but always wanted to.

Maria said...

Oh my gosh what an awesome project, Teri!! I love it! The image is adorable and you colored it so beautifully! Thanks so much for the tutorial. . .it's fabulous and so easy to understand. I have to store this tutorial in my "to do" folder!!

Hope you are doing well!!


Enjoli said...

OMG! Thanks so much for the tutorial! You did a great job! Hope you have a great weekend! =)

Nancy Ward said...


Today I posted an entry on my blog with a link to this tutorial.

Would you let me know if that's OK?


Nancy Ward

Lisa Montsion said...

I just love your work.