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Monday, September 21, 2009


I know some of the kindest people! Look what I received this past weekend from a couple of the gals! This cute holder was made by my GF Bora. So clever girl, I love it! I'm gonna have to case this cutie because I like it so much!! Stay tuned for my take on this project! Thanks so much Bora for this thoughtful gift! I love my Leo HK charm and put it on my bag! Here's the box opened up. Love it!
My sweet GF Jodi came to my class and showered us with gifts. I'm so lucky! I received some new stamps! Can't wait to use them and make cards for people. Maybe they will post them for me - haha! you guys know what I'm talking about!
Thanks so much Jodi! You are always so kind and thoughtful to share with me!!


kris said...

Wow! what a creative card... can't wait to see your case! and the stamps from Jodi are awesome! Have a great day Teri! xoxo, Kris

Kyoko said...

Hi Teri! How cute is that box! Wowee, look at all the goodies you got from Jodi ... she's just as sweet as YOU! Have a great week and hope your foot is feeling way better!


Michelle Alejandro said...

Love that box with the gf inside. Really neat idea! Glad your class went well! Looks like you had lots of fun and look at all those goodies from Jodi!


Joy said...

love that box...I may have to case it before you! hahahaha! I love the challenge! love the stamps too! you are one lucky gal...now if someone will help you out...we can see what you create! hope you are having a good week. I'm back at work, but may go out again. my tummy is still a little whacked out! TTYL!

Colleen said...

What great gifts you received this weekend. The card that you recieved is very creative. I need to figure out how to make one when I have some time. The stamps that you received are very cute. I can't wait to see what you create with them.

Unknown said...

That's so creative! Love that idea! I might CASE it too!
Cool stamps from Jodi! Lucky girl! :)

Risa said...

Awesome RAKs Teri! TFS!!!

Little C's Creations said...

Sooo cute what Jodi made. She's so sweet. Love the new look of your blog sister. So soft!!