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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Please help me share some holiday Aloha!

ETA: I Forgot to mention that if you are donating a holiday card (or any card) to share, I'd love to receive them by early next week, or at least by the end of next week. I will need to deliver the cards to them so that they can write them and mail them out for Christmas.

If you are donating a gift from their wish list, those gifts will be graciously accepted by me no later than December 20. I will be delivering the gifts to them that week after I wrap them up all pretty! To view a copy of the wishlist, please send me an email.

All donors will have their first name listed on a card that I am submitting to the shelter - don't worry, your identity will be protected :)

Each year, my family and friends look for ways we can "give back" or share some holiday aloha with an organization who could use some holiday cheer. Some of the places we shared aloha with included The Ronald McDonald House and Kapiolani Medical Center for Women & Children (Long Term Care) and the collecting socks for seniors, remember that one? With everyone's help, we were able to keep alot of feet warm! We collected socks to share with two care homes on the island of Oahu!
This year, after shopping around for an organization to share some aloha with, I selected Ka 'Ohu Hou O Manoa. This is a transitional shelter for recovering women is located in beautiful Manoa. This transitional shelter is relatively new, as it opened it's doors in February of this year. You can check out their website HERE. There are only six (6) women that currently live at the shelter with some of their children. Admission to the program is that women have to be homeless, pregnant or parenting and in stable recovery. The women must be capable of independent living and are willing to go to work or school. This shelter provides a clean, stable and affordable housing for these women while they work hard at staying clean and sober.
As a mother, we all know what sacrifices we make, especially for our children, and I speak for myself personally. I'm a giver and I'd much rather bring joy to others, especially during the holidays.
Want to share some Aloha with me? I welcome any help to share the Aloha! The resident managers of the shelter has asked each of the women to write a wish list - something they wish for and for their children. Most of the requests were for Walmart or Longs (CVS) giftcards. Good choices, as you can stretch your dollar while shopping at these stores. I am planning to wrap up gently used children books and toys (as suggested by the resident manager) as well as making some of their small wishes come true. I have already asked for donations of holiday cards for the women in exchange for some awesome 3M adhesive paper samples. Here's the first card I received from 1luvnmama! Thank you so much! This card is a stunner and I'm sure will be treasured by one of the ladiesI finally received more of the 3M craft paper samples and will be sending them out to you today if you've requested for the sample. More cards would be nice, thank you cards are good ones to make too. I am also wishing for a donation of postage stamps to accompany these cards as well.
I know that some of you might think that this is much to ask, but that's all I'm doing is asking. Your donation does not have to be a large one. Small donations are perfect! I plan to make these women's wishes come true through donation or my own giving. I know it will make a difference in my life this year. If you would like more information, have questions, or would like to know how you can help, please send me an email. Thanks for reading this post and for sharing from your heart to people who will appreciate you! Mahalo!


Denise said...

Love that card that you recieved, it's a beauty! I will help with your sock drive. You are always "giving back" nice to have thoughful people like you as a friend.

Linda said...

You know you can always count on me GF! Let's share the wish lists and make this Christmas a very special one for these ladies and their children! See you soon! xoxo, Linda

Jenny said...

Hi Teri,
You are such an inspiration! I have a few Xmas cards I'll be sending you soon. Let me know if you need anything else! BTW, love the 3m paper!! Where can I get some??

Jenny (from Hilo)

**CrEaTiNgWiThAlOhA** said...

YOU ARE SO AWESOME...take care...

Unknown said...

your blog is awesome im so glad i found it you have the most beautiful cards i've seen in along time

joni h said...

That's what I wanted to talk to you about last Saturday! So small my brain! Anyway, I'm willing to help in anyway that I can. I'll send you an email!
It's the season of giving and you are definitely setting a fine example!

Ilissa said...

Your such a GIVING person!! I would love to help. Its the season for GIVING!! Ill send an email soon.

Unknown said...

This is such a wonderful project, Teri. It's so nice that you/your family give back to the community each year. Will be sending another one to you soon.

Chrisd said...

I would be happy to send a card but hopefully it will arrive on time for you. I need your address and more info. Our church adopted 12 families this year. Times are really difficult in Michigan.Hugs

donna mikasa said...

So generous of you, and such a worthy cause!
How can I not help? Will be emailing you!

Shirley N said...

Hi Teri! Mailed some things to you today. You are so sweet to do this!

Cami said...

This is a wonderful project you are undertaking, Teri. Of course, I would love to help the cause, and I'll send you an email. I have cards I will donate for all kinds of occasions. Bless you for having such a big, caring heart! Cami

1LuvnMama said...

Hi Teri! I'll shoot you an email on more info! Just got back from my trip (now looking forward to getting back into the groove of things!). I'd like to help and donate what I can! :) YOU ARE AWESOME!!!