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Monday, February 1, 2010

Here are the players for the February 2010 OCS

Before I post the players for the February OCS, I wanted to share a cute little gift I made for one of my sweet friends' birthday...I know it's not a SU image, but bought these cuties from Tiddly Inks on etsy. You can check it out HERE. They are digital images and are so darn cute, I just had to! Okay! on to the players! I hope I caught everyone who emailed me after the last announcement. Sorry that I have to post the players again, but I wanted to be sure. I haven't been real good about detail lately, I'm not back in full swing just yet, so appreciate your patience.
Jacqui Medeiros
Marisa Faylim
Michelle Ped
Caroline Kovacs
Mary Bennett
Jayne Converse
Jodi Ann Lee
Lori Ota
Janice McConnell
Denise Nibling
Jamee Nibling
Tia Iida
Claudia Pina-Castellanos
Enjoli Bennett
Liann Mailangi
Ilissa Willing
Jenny Sakamoto
Kristin Nagashiki
Jenny Viloria
Chris Domino
Jovita Torres
Berenice Rendon
Cyndi Kim
Kris Palakiko
Joni Haraga
Kyoko Patoc
Linda Kuniyoshi
Elena Cazinha
Sharon Banta
Gail Woo
Brenda Ballesteros
Colleen Kwan
Dori Tsukamoto
Gina Wrona
Vina Tom
Grace Winchester
Kim Dylewicz
Mary Cassidy
Kim Yu
Teresa Matutino
Nicky Wakazuru
Kelli Buenconsejo
Anne Snider
Wow! Alot of players! I will be setting the partners and sending email sometime this week. If I missed you, I'm so sorry...please email me again.


kris said...

Thanks Teri for putting this on for us!!! always looking forward to OCS!!! hugs, Kris

Kyoko said...

Hi Teri! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my surprise BRAK! You are just the sweetest to think of me and I will forever cherish your friendship. LOVE YOU!


Joy said...


I forgot to sign up for the OCS for February, can you sign me up? I promise that i'll be good and send it before the end of the month, not like before.... hehe, i know, slap me!!!! I promise I'll be good from now on!!!!!

Love ya,
Joy D.


Tammi said...

She's adorable, wonderful colors on this! So cute!

Allison Rankin said...

She is so adorable...love it!

Mary Bennett said...

How come you don't have Kim Dylewich and Mary Cassidy on the list they signed up some time ago.