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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Updated information regarding the retiring colors

Second post for today...be sure to scroll down to see the first post of the three fun graduation cards that we will be making at next week's class!!
I wanted to share with you some important updates regarding the retiring SU colors. Do you have favorite colors in the SU color palette? I do! As I posted last week, some of the current colors available will be retiring on June 30, 2010 or until supplies last!! My suggestion would be that if you are worried that your favorite color may no longer be available even before the retirement date is to ORDER NOW! Why wait and risk the chance of never owning a stash of your favorite color ever? You can order through me via email or order online 24/7 through my SU website www.alohagirl.stampinup.net.
Here is some updated information from SU regarding the supply of these colored items (cardstock, ink pads, cartridges)

As the supplies start to run out, they will be placed on backorder status and those orders will be filled as quickly as products are received. SU will continue to do this to the best of their ability through May, and then the re-inkers will be available while supplies last in June.
However, card stock presents a bit larger problem, as the process of ordering and producing new paper from the paper mills is very involved, and they can't order significant quantities at this point in time without putting the production of the new colors in jeopardy (and we know how much you want those!). To help SU be able to provide you with the card stock in the retiring colors for as long as possible, they will be substituting textured paper for some of the smooth colors--including card stock in 8-1/2" x 11" as well as 12" x 12"--where the smooth is no longer available. You will notice these colors go on backorder, and SU will be filling as many of those as possible with textured card stock. Because the demand for each color varies, they are unable to provide a list of what colors of card stock will be substituted with textured, or at what point that will happen. However, if you receive a package of card stock that is textured instead of smooth, there will be a sticker on the package indicating that change. There will be no change in item code or price for these substitutions. I think that this is the best solution that SU can offer in this situation in order to get to you the
retiring colors you want for as long as possible. Please keep in mind that an instance may arise where SU might be unable to fill orders on a specific product, and it will become unavailable before the end of May, but those cases should be minimal, and they will be sure to keep us up-to-date as they arise.
SU's main goal is to serve it's customers the best that they can, and they appreciate your patience as they work through this situation.
Thanks for stopping by today! I'm going to place my order now for the colors I want before they run out!!

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