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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Vacation photos, Part I

Just thought I'd share some photos from my vacation since I have not had time to create anything just yet. You know the drill from returning home from vacation - unpacking, washing clothes, putting everything back into place, etc...I did all of that the first day that I returned, but now, I'm starting to feel a little runned down. Aaagghh! I hate being sick!! Okay, I'm just working on this post to share at midnight (preposting) and then off to bed.
Here's a lovely photo of what we woke up to the first day in Vegas. It was raining and cloudy and the temp was a chilly 48 degrees! Brrrrrrrr! Good thing my sister tracked the weather before we left, so we were prepared for some cold. To tell you the truth, I didn't think it was going to be THAT cold!We ventured to the Premium Outlet since it's an outdoor mall, it would be torture to shop in the Vegas heat so we opted to shop in the cold! We actually went back the next day to finish off the mall...two days! hehe...Hey Cheryl! My boots came in handy! I wore them to death!
My sis posing in front of the Coach store...we shopped well there! LOL!
I haven't been to Vegas since 2003, I think. It was for a SU convention and we stayed at the Strip, so staying downtown was new for me. After dinner one night, we walked around. It was amazing to see this artist painting...he paints with spray paints. It is just amazing to watch!
My sister and BIL loved the paintings so much, they bought two! Here's the one my sister chose. It's really beautiful IRL.
Took this photo in front of the Venetian on the day I met Rita. What a beautiful day!
We walked around and some nice person offered to take our photo in front of the ship at Treasure Island.
I will have some fun photos to share tomorrow on our adventure to the Viva Las VegasStamps store. It was unbelievable!! Thanks for stopping in today! Time for me to rest so I can feel better.


kris said...

Aw sweetie!! a well deserved vacation for you!! LOVE the painting your sis got!! that's beautiful!! gosh, i haven't been to Vegas since 2004... and i LOVED the Coach store... went there everyday of our vacation... LOL... TFS!! hugs!

Brenda said...

I'm telling you I would really love to jump on a plane right now... hehehe! Thanks for sharing the beautiful pics. It's been 4 years since I've gone... next year will be my year to go! Gotta save money, especially with a family of 6! Take care and get lots of rest. I'm sure you have a busy week ahead of you!

1LuvnMama said...

Wow, what a fun time! I went back in December and I enjoyed myself with my gf's, been a long time for me too since visiting Vegas! Good to see you enjoying time with family!

donna mikasa said...

Thanks for sharing your pics! Looks like the shopping was fun! Sorry you're under the weather....get lots of rest and chicken soup! HUGS!

Shirley N said...

TFS your great pics--Vegas is one of my favorite places. Hope you'll feel better soon, take care Teri!

Ilissa said...

Welcome Home! Your so lucky to go to VivaLasVegas..I luv visting there because I have my sister and her family and my brother and his fiance..and I totally LOVE shopping at Joanns and Michaels!!Oh and the Olive Garden..huh I wanna go..Hope your getting rest and sorry about the novel!!

Janis said...

Glad that you enjoyed your vacation. Looks like you got a lot of shopping done! lol.

Rita said...

Great pictures Teri! Looks like you both had a ball shopping! I can't believe how cold it was there for 2 days!