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Sunday, May 18, 2008

I feel the love...

that came in my mailbox last week! Thank you, thank you!!

This first RAK came from my sweet friend, Rita. What a beautiful thank you card she sent for the birthday treats I sent over to her! You're welcome and THANK YOU for the card, I love it!!

This is the inside of the card, too cool!!

This second RAK came from another sweet friend, Malieta aka Risa. Love these cows!! As you know, Malieta is the queen of layering, awesome job and this card is no exception!! LOVE THIS!!
Here's another view of the awesome work.
Hope you all are enjoying the last hours of the weekend. Very busy one for me. The Stamping with Friends group gathered on Saturday to make the Flip Album using SU's Boho Blend Simply Scrappin' kit. After next week's class, I'll be posting my version of the tutorial so you can make an album too!!
Had to post this "goofy" picture of Mochiko. What's up with her ears? She's been on a roll lately swatting us. Do cats have PMS?


Rita said...

Great card from Malieta, I love it!
I'm so happy that you liked my card & thanks again for everything!

Risa said...

You made me laugh when you asked if cats suffer from PMS! (too funny)
I'm glad you like your RAK and Rita's card is very cute!

Sheree said...

Cute RAKS! Love the details. Mochiko is probably acting up because today is FULL MOON! Nah, probably because it's soooo HOT! Ha ha ha!