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Saturday, September 26, 2009

File Folder Tutorial

I'm sure there are a bunch of tutorials out in blogland for this cute file folder project, but this is my take on it. I received a super cute Hello Kitty file folder from my GF Tia and had to try my hand at making one too! After I posted the birthday file folder that I created, I've had some emails asking me if I would do a simple tutorial on it so here it is! For purposes of identifying the pieces in this tutorial, I will refer to the colors my Halloween sample. This is what you will need:
1 piece of black cardstock 7X9 (this is the main piece). You can substitute the cardstock for some heavy weight design paper). I will also abbreviate cardstock = CS
1 piece of pumpkin CS 4 1/2" X 7"
2 pieces of pumpkin CS 3"X3 1/2"
Optional designer paper strip 1 1/2"X7"
Score the 7"X9" black CS at 4"
Score the 4 1/2" X 7" pumpkin CS at 1 1/2". Attach pumpkin CS to the black CS as shown. Sorry, the 1 1/2" piece is hidden in the back of the top section of the black CS so the fold of the pumpkin CS is resting at the top of the black CS.
Here's another view after you have attached the pumpkin CS to the black CS.
Take the two 3"X3 1/2" pumpkin CS pieces and score every 1/2" inch as shown. Apply strip adhesive to the edges as shown.
Your piece should be facing this direction to apply to the main CS (black CS).
Attach one side of the accordian piece to the main CS as shown. Repeat this step for the other side.
Your project should now look like this.
Now attach the other edge of the accordian piece to the main piece like this and repeat for the other side.
Here is what your project should look like.
All the only thing left to do is to embellish it! Here's my finished project.
I just love this Sock Monkey stamp set! Sentiment is from the Grateful Greetings stamp set.
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Was it simple enough? Looking forward to seeing your file folder creations! Thanks for stopping in today! I'm spending my morning at Pineapple Cove visiting ManLe!


Lynn said...

Thanks for the well done tutorial. The sock monkey is adorable. I'll have to look for that stamp now.

Janis said...

These are fabulous instructions Teri. Okay, I'll try my hand at it. Loving the Halloween colors!!!

Unknown said...

Your tutorial is super easy to follow - thanks for doing this.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the tutorial Teri! Have a nice time :)

Nikki Fairbairn said...

Wonderful idea Teri, love the cute little monkey. Hugs Nikki x

kris said...

Lovely tutorial! i think i have to try that up too! TFS your creativity with us... and i have to say, LOVE THAT MONKEY!!! hugs to you!

MargaritaMD said...

Thank you for the tutorial!! Can't wait to try it out :)

Islander Girl said...

Oooh good pictures w/the instructions you sent! Love this girl!

We didn't get to say goodbye to you earlier! :( So I think next get together we'll do the box and ManLe has a cute cupcake project. So next time we'll have two make n takes!!!

Risa said...

Thanks for the awesome tutorial Teri!
I'm going to make one of these folders this evening!
Have fun with your class today, I can't wait to see the results!

Rita said...

Great tutorial Teri...thanks! This is an awesome idea! Cute halloween colors & the monkey holding the pumpkin is adorable!

joni h said...

thanks for the tutorial! You make life so much easier cuz' I don't have to figure out anything. Just copy & make! Can't wait to try this one!

Cami said...

Another wonderful, well put together tutorial, Teri! Thank you very much for always doing a great job and sharing. I will try this tonight. I saw Joni making one and it came out fab! You're a tiny girl with a BIG heart! Hugs,

Elena said...

You do such great tutorials! Love your Halloween projects. TFS!

Fay said...

Thanks for doing a tutorial! This looks very doable...gonna have to give it a try!

Gina Wrona said...

Aloha Teri,

Love your tutorial and creations!


Brenda said...

Thanks for the tutorial... going to try it out one day! TFS!

2 Worlds said...

Thanks super cute !

Snail Mail Creations said...

Love the Tutorial! I've gotta try this now! :)

Bumbles and Fairy-Tales said...

Thank you sooo much for posting this tutorial! I finally made one and will be posting it on my blog tomorrow :)
It was so simple and fun to make! I also used some of my much horded and fave paper for it too! LOL!

Thanks again :*)
~ margie

Lisa Montsion said...

Your amazing at designing things like this.