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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Blogging Obsession? Is it just a phaze???

What is with this blogging thing that makes not only me so obsessed with?? I guess it might be that I love to talk...so when I can't actually speak to someone face to face, it's good to get it out and blab online...maybe one day I will get tired of it, but for now, I'm just having fun. The other thing I love about blogs...I love ready other people's blogs, especially those that post pictures of projects they've just created, or stuff they get from RAK swaps, etc. I love this blog site and thanks to my sistah, Sensational J (love the new name girl)...for getting me really into these blogs!! She's the "master" behind most of what you see here, but I'm learnng!!!
I was asked if I'm gonna keep both blogs, yes, I have two...I do know people that have more than two (J???) but why not?, it's free and most importantly FUN! Check out My Place on scrapbook.com I love that site as well and the projects posted in that gallery, very inspiring! I've already met a bunch of nice gals on that site. I'd love to have more friends, so join me on either site - or both! Drop me a comment! Have a happy Wednesday!


Little C's Creations said...

Yes - I'm an addict!!! Of course, it's probably a phase for me..... but I don't mind if it's going to be a very long phase. hahaha.... I plan on keeping 3 of my blogs... the one I have on SB.com, the one I have on this one at expressivelyme.blogspot.com and my family's blog at youngs808.blogspot.com - can you keep up me?

Jean said...

Yes, it's an obsession! I have started collecting blog links, now if I only had time to read through them all!!