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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Photos from New Years - re-post!

RE-POSTING! OMG, I am so sorry friends! When I received my notification on this post, I didn't realize that it was totally jumbled up!! I think when I was moving around the photos, it also moved my paragraphs around? I am so embarrassed. You must've been wondering what the heck? This doesn't make sense at all! My apologies. Here's what the post is supposed to read!!

We're already into the new year but OMG, I'm always on Hawaiian time! Well, I'm finally getting around to downloading my pics from New Year's Eve. I had to work the full day and then ride the bus home too! But that's okay, I welcomed that mini nap!
I think one of my resolutions for this year would be to cut down on promising to do too much. Sounds like a good New Year's Resolution yeah? I am never good at keeping these resolutions past a couple of months max. Anyone has any tips to share with me on how to keep these resolutions??
Although I try not to think so, it's tough working all day, coming home to cook and be awake for company especially when my day starts so early! I had to cook my share for dinner that night (I made edamame rice and teriyaki beef - yum!) and then as a tradition, my sister Cara and her family comes over to celebrate ringing in the new year!
There were so many aerial fireworks this year! It was great watching the beautiful show! Here's a photo of one of them. I took a few videos, but I'm not ready to learn the YouTube thing yet. My son has volunteered to help me with this since he loves YouTube. Anyone for videos?

Had to get a photo of Jen and Nolan with their sparklers.

Clyde (my BIL) and Jen...

Cara and I were both exhausted and decided to relax and share viewing a Martha Stewart magazine. I know, so thrilling yeah? I saw a recipe for Winter Bark that I want to make. I'm gathering ideas for next Christmas! We did go outside to check out the fireworks for a bit before we decided that we were too tired to stay out longer.Ally decided to stay indoors too.Our first family photo of the year. We took this at Ba Chan's house where we traditionally go on New Year's Day and spend the whole day there. I was able to make 30 cards that I am using as my Thank you cards...maybe you might be a lucky recipient of one :)

Thanks for dropping in today and checking out my photos. I can't believe that I'm already driving myself crazy with all of the things that I have commited myself to do already! Eeks! Anyone volunteer to keep tabs on me? Hope you find some time to craft this week!


WhimsicalThoughts said...

Aww thanks for sharing, those are some great pictures!

Joy said...

you guys are so cute and so photogenic! I wish I was...so new year resolution...lose weight... HA! take more pictures with Tae and live in the moment like Tae. she has no care in the world... nothing bothers her for too long. I wish I could be so carefree =)
thanks for sharing such lovely pictures! let's get together soon!

Rita said...

Great pics Teri, thanks for sharing!

Risa said...

Thank you for sharing your awesome pictures Teri! It must be wonderful to have fireworks etc. Here it is way to cold for that. lol
Have a great day and try not to overdo it this year Teri.

Corie said...

FANTASTIC pictures -- thanks for sharing

Colleen said...

All of you look like you had lots of fun. Great picture of you with your family.