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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Finally! Ideas are flowing again!

I'm sure you all get into that slump where the ideas just doesn't flow...yeah, we all go there sometime. Well, I am so ashamed of myself for almost being a swap flake. Notice that I said "almost"...that's because when the pressure is on, wow!, the ideas chug along and then ding!, the light bulb goes on. The swap that I signed up for was Jen's 2007 SAB swap and the deadline was March 30th...uh, today is April 26th. I guess that's why I hardly sign up for swaps. It's not that I mean to be tardy in turning them in, it's just that there is sooooo much to be done and oh, so little time! Well, here's what I came up with for the swap. We had to do a card using any one of the 2007 SAB (sell-a-bration) stamp sets.
Here's the supplies I needed: 8 1/2" X 5 1/2" very vanilla cardstock folded in half; 5 1/2" X 2 1/4" pink polka dot paper from the polka dots & paisley designer paper series; the same size strip using the large dots from the Au Chocolat designer paper series; scallop punch using very vanilla cardstock; Very Punny SAB stamp set - I used the tickled pink piggy and finally light pink grosgrain ribbon. For the card I submitted to Jen, I used the Rose colored ribbon instead.
Then, I adhered the strips onto the very vanilla cardstock. I used the horizontal punch on both sides of the scalloped circle.
I sponged the edges of the scalloped circle using Regal Rose ink and a sponge. This added some color because I thought the vanilla circle was too plain. I even tried to color in the piggy, but ugh, it spoiled the whole look of the piggy. I like clean looking designs.
Next, string the ribbon through the horizontal holes (I put a little adhesive on the back of the circle to hold it in place while I tie the ribbon). And here is my finished card. What do you think??
Now that I got my swap out of the way, I can move on to other things! Oh, by the way, just thought you'd like to know that I only had to make four (4) cards...so sad yeah??
Wanna hear more about the cruise?? One of the first SU events held was the general session where they made all sorts of announcements. One of the new items that is in the latest promotion is the 6X6 Palette o' Paper packs. Shelli told us that she had only 10 packs to give away and guess who's name she pulled??? I was in shock! I never win anything...these papers are totally cute and are double sided. Here's just a sample of the four color groups that are included in the pack.
Our second stop was in Aruba. It was hot, hot, hot!! Our boat was docked from around 12 noon to 11 p.m. We got off the ship, checked out the sites and the shops and then went back to the ship to unload the packages and eat lunch (free food!). After lunch, we went back out to shop again. OMG, did I get the shock of my life. For all of you local gals, you know that you
can sometimes see chickens, roosters and occasionally peacocks strutting on the side of the road. Well, in Aruba, guess what they have roaming freely? Iguanas!!!!! For those of you who know me, I have nothing to do with reptiles of any sort. Well, thank goodness for zoom on the cameras, I was able to take a couple of pics of a the iguanas. My family later told me
that there were many all around, but didn't want to bring it to my attention as to not see me freak out. Can you see the iguana on the left side of Nolan? See how big these guys are?? Aren't you scared? They say that they taste like chicken...yes, they eat them!
Shopping was pretty good, we were able to buy all sorts of souveniers to bring back, it was kind of like a swap meet. There's so much to tell you all, I'll have to spread it out in the days to follow. I'll probably work on a slide show with pics highlighting the cruise...well, it's getting to that hour that I should pack it up and save it for another day. Til tomorrow - hugs & kisses!


Little C's Creations said...

Hey girl!!! Love it!!! Feels like I was there on the cruise!!! Iguanas.... yikes!!!

Jean said...

Cute project! And it looks like you had fun on your trip. Lizards freak me out, big time.

Cheryl said...

Hahaha!!! I can't stand lizards and those are big ones. Can't wait till we have lunch cause I want to hear all about your trip.

Little C's Creations said...

I just got my paper pack in... still didn't break it open - don't want to JUST YET!!!

Val said...

congrats on getting the paper pack... sounds like you had a great time.
Iguanas... wow... my downline was on the cruise and she didn't say a word about it.
I was just in Hawaii...probably while you were on cruise. I did notice all the roaming chickens... especially on the highway at North Shore.
Can't wait to go back there!