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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Holiday card swaps

Here are the cards we all made for the holiday card swap:

This card was made by Becky

This party favor was made by Pearl

by Lynn

by Alyson

by Joyce

by Gina

by Darcie
by wini
Here's my card. I made 30 of these cards for my boss as her gift. Every year, I help her with her cards. so this year, I decided to make and give them to her as her gift. You can't see the bling in the middle of the snowflake, but IRL, it really adds to the card.
Only two more days til Christmas! Hope you all are finally enjoying what's left of the holidays! I'm baking today and delivering gifts. Oh, and I'm still addressing my cards!! Thank goodness it doesn't say Merry Christmas. I used Happy Holidays! OMG, I just saw on my counter that I went over the 10k mark! Yipee!! That means some candy coming up soon!! Have a great Sunday!


Dawns Stamping Shop said...

Oh my what beautiful cards .. Love them all .. Lucky you girlie ..
Have a very Merry Christmas
Love ya bunches
Dawn Griffith

Unknown said...

Love your card - the brown satin ribbon sure makes the card look so elegant. Merry Chrismas to you and your family.

Little C's Creations said...

very pretty! how lucky you are! hope your Santa was good to you!!!