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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Busy day Sunday...but it feels nice!

Talk about a full day! Well, waking up at almost 9 AM is totally not my style but I guess considering that I went to bed after 1 AM and boy, was it physical moving around my 12X12 scrapbook papers and carts and stamps and stamp pad caddy...what a workout! Here are some photos after I cleaned up. I know you can't really tell that I cleaned up, but I really did! I should've taken a "before" pic so you know what I mean! I guess it's organized to the point where I put back things, sort and throw out, etc. so at least I can get back to creating instead of cleaning. I found alot of unopened goodies and OMG, the paper! I think I could open up my own store!! Yeah, I hear alot of you ladies laughing right now because you do know what I mean. We keep these scrapbook stores in business! We just can't help it right??
I also worked on my demo for tomorrow night's meeting with the Stamped with Aloha group, so all is packed and good to go! For you ladies attending Cindy's inspiration night, I'll see you there! I will also be bringing a small scrapbook of the cruise. I got this as my last cruise gift from Cindy (Thank U!!)
I managed to finish half of the cards that I'll be donating to the credit union's craft fair to benefit the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life craft fair this Friday, May 4th at Alii Place. If you work downtown, stop on by to check out the many crafts and food they have for sale. Here's what I came up with. The piggy card/envelopes are all cut out but not completely stamped yet. I still have a few more days to complete that. The other cards were made using the new stamp set called Flowers & Flourishes that we got from the cruise. Do you just love the rubber duckys??

By the way, I just gotta mention my watermark that sister Jen created for me...love it, love it!! I finally remembered to use it! If you luv it and want one to add to your stampin' creations, check out her blog...this is part of her web business too :)
Before I forget, check out this cute cell phone charm that Gayle over at the CU gave to me. She crafted them with crystal beads. Isn't it adorable?? If you would like to support this worthy cause, you can purchase one of these charms for only $5.00. You can email Gayle directly at gwatanabe23@hawaii.rr.com.
Well, I guess it's off to work for me. Time to catch up again with my work. We celebrated Secretaries Day on Friday...the bosses bought us lunch at the new restaurant over at Ala Moana Center, third floor. We ate at Kyoto Osho...yummy! Japanese buffet. Will post pics of that tomorrow! Have a fabulous day everyone!!

...and the winner is.....

Lisa of Schenectady, NY!! Wow! That's a long way from Hawaii! Hey Lisa, send me an email with your last name and address so I can mail off your **candy**...yipee!
Betcha all thought that I forgot about announcing the winner huh?! You wanna know why?? Well, yesterday, I spent all day 'n night cleaning and cleaning and cleaning my craft room! I got lost in all of the stamping and scrapping supplies! But you know what that means?? More blog candy to give away!! yay! This is fun! I love giving away stuff that I know will make eveyone happy! Stay tuned to find out how you can win more **candy**... I will post the details later tonight.
It's Sunday and I have such a busy day ahead of me. Staying up til midnight means I get up later and get a slow start...it's noon here in Hawaii and I haven't even started doing anything productive. Let's see what lies ahead of me...I have to get my demo ready for Cindy's downline meeting tomorrow night. I'm gonna demo my wow! swap, demo a new technique and also show everyone all the goodies I got! I've also need to work on making some little cards and package them up for the craft fair to benefit American Cancer Society's Relay for life put on by the Hawaii State Federal Credit Union. The gang at the Alii branch is awesome! I promised I would make stuff for them to sell as my donation to a great cause - I will post the finished product tonight! Then, I gotta work on planning my class for May. I'm tired just thinking of what I need to do...better get going!
Anyway, congrats to Lisa of my first blog candy!!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

My first blog candy give away!!

Okay ladies, you all know that everyone is checking out all of the wonderful blogs and searching for something, mostly for new ideas to motivate or maybe tutorials - but everyone loves blog candy!! The candy is usually given away when the blogs achieve an awesome amount of hits, but I'm not looking for tons of hits because I don't post or advertise like others. I like it this way for now, because I don't have the time to post daily although I wish I could. Okay, okay, I'll get on with how you get the candy!!!!
Easy, easy! The two things you have to do is:
1) sign my guest book. I'd love to see a pic of you in my book, but if you are totally into privacy, then a card pic or a pic of your pet, kids, etc. will do.
2) If you all don't know yet, Jen designed my blog and I love it!! I selected the colors and my blog name and left the rest up to her. Don't you just love it?? Well, to celebrate the launch of Jen's new web business (she can design/customize a blog or site for you for a nominal fee), you'll need to click on Jen's website business button in my sidebar (under services) and tell me which three blogs she created and what kind of service she provided to them. The answers are right on her info sheet.
You can post your answers under comments for this blog. Please feel free to share this with all of your friends. Winners will be selected by random. Deadline for this giveaway will be midnight Saturday, April 28th...Oh! I almost forgot the most important part - the candy!! Here it is! The candy includes: an assorted pack of slide mounts, making memories assorted glue pack, 6 assorted trim, a tube of beads, a package of Junkitz Double Playz and a bag of assorted shaped brads.
Look for more of these giveaways. I'm working on organizing my craft room and boy, do I have lots of stuff I've never opened so guess what? I'm sharing :) Goodnight all and good luck!

Finally! Ideas are flowing again!

I'm sure you all get into that slump where the ideas just doesn't flow...yeah, we all go there sometime. Well, I am so ashamed of myself for almost being a swap flake. Notice that I said "almost"...that's because when the pressure is on, wow!, the ideas chug along and then ding!, the light bulb goes on. The swap that I signed up for was Jen's 2007 SAB swap and the deadline was March 30th...uh, today is April 26th. I guess that's why I hardly sign up for swaps. It's not that I mean to be tardy in turning them in, it's just that there is sooooo much to be done and oh, so little time! Well, here's what I came up with for the swap. We had to do a card using any one of the 2007 SAB (sell-a-bration) stamp sets.
Here's the supplies I needed: 8 1/2" X 5 1/2" very vanilla cardstock folded in half; 5 1/2" X 2 1/4" pink polka dot paper from the polka dots & paisley designer paper series; the same size strip using the large dots from the Au Chocolat designer paper series; scallop punch using very vanilla cardstock; Very Punny SAB stamp set - I used the tickled pink piggy and finally light pink grosgrain ribbon. For the card I submitted to Jen, I used the Rose colored ribbon instead.
Then, I adhered the strips onto the very vanilla cardstock. I used the horizontal punch on both sides of the scalloped circle.
I sponged the edges of the scalloped circle using Regal Rose ink and a sponge. This added some color because I thought the vanilla circle was too plain. I even tried to color in the piggy, but ugh, it spoiled the whole look of the piggy. I like clean looking designs.
Next, string the ribbon through the horizontal holes (I put a little adhesive on the back of the circle to hold it in place while I tie the ribbon). And here is my finished card. What do you think??
Now that I got my swap out of the way, I can move on to other things! Oh, by the way, just thought you'd like to know that I only had to make four (4) cards...so sad yeah??
Wanna hear more about the cruise?? One of the first SU events held was the general session where they made all sorts of announcements. One of the new items that is in the latest promotion is the 6X6 Palette o' Paper packs. Shelli told us that she had only 10 packs to give away and guess who's name she pulled??? I was in shock! I never win anything...these papers are totally cute and are double sided. Here's just a sample of the four color groups that are included in the pack.
Our second stop was in Aruba. It was hot, hot, hot!! Our boat was docked from around 12 noon to 11 p.m. We got off the ship, checked out the sites and the shops and then went back to the ship to unload the packages and eat lunch (free food!). After lunch, we went back out to shop again. OMG, did I get the shock of my life. For all of you local gals, you know that you
can sometimes see chickens, roosters and occasionally peacocks strutting on the side of the road. Well, in Aruba, guess what they have roaming freely? Iguanas!!!!! For those of you who know me, I have nothing to do with reptiles of any sort. Well, thank goodness for zoom on the cameras, I was able to take a couple of pics of a the iguanas. My family later told me
that there were many all around, but didn't want to bring it to my attention as to not see me freak out. Can you see the iguana on the left side of Nolan? See how big these guys are?? Aren't you scared? They say that they taste like chicken...yes, they eat them!
Shopping was pretty good, we were able to buy all sorts of souveniers to bring back, it was kind of like a swap meet. There's so much to tell you all, I'll have to spread it out in the days to follow. I'll probably work on a slide show with pics highlighting the cruise...well, it's getting to that hour that I should pack it up and save it for another day. Til tomorrow - hugs & kisses!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Good to be home...

I'm back!!!! Oh, it's so good to be back home. Traveling makes me soooooo tired even though I snoozed for most of both flights! It feels like I've been away for a month. Did anyone miss me?? I feel lost and guess I gotta get of of my butt and get back into the groove of things! Well, I logged onto sister Jen's blog, Pieces of Me to bring me up-to-date. All I can say is WOW!! I love all that work and time she spent posting pics, recipes, and all of the other crazy things she's doing...no wonder I love you! Talk about inspiration! Maybe I have to stop my blog and just read hers! I guess while I was on this wonderful cruise (which I will get into more soon) I've made some personal goals that I hope I can keep up with. Some of them would include scheduling specific days for me to do planning, creating and then blogging...I know that I force myself to do too many things (yup!, I blame only myself! and I hear all of you sisters agreeing with me!) and then major stressing out. How much stress can this little girl take???? Okay, I will try to be better and will need all of you sisters out there to remind me not to over do myself, thanks in advance!!
Thank you for the comments on my last post, which OMG that was April 9th!! BTW, my SAM, Sharie just Loved the baby onesies and the SB page...also, I'm not ignoring the fact that I've been tagged by both Jen and Jean...I will get to it real soon...I just gotta read whatcha girls tagged me for! (as you can see, I'm clueless right now...)
The Cruise....aah...what a wonderful experience! If you all haven't been on a cruise yet, OMG, you just have to add that to your travel wish list! A cruise was always something I wanted to do and with the support and love from all of you guys out there that made it happen for me...THANK YOU! Here's a couple of pics from the cruise...(don't worry, there will be more pics posted in days to come. Don't want to bore you with just cruise talk all one time). I know you guys don't want to be falling asleep with my chatting only about this cruise, but I will post something each day about it...LOTS to share about swaps, demonstrations, make & takes, pillow gifts, the FOOD, the new products to be unveiled...you wanna know?? Check back with me tomorrow....I'm signing off to make banana pancakes for my son who thinks we're still on the cruise and wants a buffet breakfast -haha! I think I need to remind him that I'm not the waitress or chef, Welcome back to the real world! Before I sign off, here's a pic of Nolan and me on the island Half Moon Cay (pronounced Key) with our ship in the background. Most of the people who spent the day on the beach roasted and came back with major sunburn. Since we live right by the beach, we headed back to the ship and spent the first day checking things out...more tomorrow...it's good to be back home!!

Monday, April 9, 2007

Baby Shower Gifts for my SAM

Feels kind of strange going back to work. Feels like I've been away from my desk for so long since we had the holiday on Friday...Lots to do today at work, gotta play catch up or no vacation for me!! Can't believe we leave this Friday the 13th...hmm, don't like the date that we're leaving, but I'll just say it's a good luck date because we'll be on our way to enjoy the cruise!
As promised, here are the pics of my baby shower gifts for my SAM. A SAM is a service account manager, and my SAM is Sharie Owyoung...she gives birth next month, but her co-workers are throwing her a "virtual" baby shower because most of the guests are demonstrators that Sharie services. This is my first virtual baby shower. I decided to stamp on baby onesies using the craft ink pad.

In addition to these cute onesies, I signed up for the 12X12 double scrapbook page gift too. Here's what I came up with. I used the On Board Accents (chipboard) and covered them with paper...I actually liked what I came up with. The only difficult part in this whole gift is mailing it...

So...anyone have only ONE die cutting machine?? I came up with this fast card to attach to a birthday gift for my son's friend. Used the Sizzlets die and the sidekick machine.
Also bought a embossing plate from Cuttlebug this weekend. I love the work of David Walker so I just HAD to have this cute flower emboss plate...here's the card I made for Jen's birthday...sorry, a little belated if I may add (her bday was in February) but I didn't get to see her until this Friday night. Nolan and I visited.
Time to go! My bus comes in 5 minutes!! Have a fabulous Monday everyone! Hugs to you!

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! Somehow, I get all worked up in anticipation for all of these holidays and then all of the sudden, it's here and gone and we move onto the next holiday!! I can't keep up! Well, here is a little basket I made using a Ben & Jerry's individual ice cream cup...cute yeah? I used the daisy flower punch and added the brads for color.
Last week, before our Good Friday holiday, I made these little goodie bags for the best bank tellers ever! That's the Hawaii State Federal Credit Union, Alii Branch...the service is just amazing! I feel at home every time I step through the door. Each goodie bag included an Easter flavor lip balm and candy and because I was pressed for time, I used my Sizzix chick die for the tag. Oh!, with the exception of three of the goodie bags for the three guys at the bank...no lip balm and I used the blue colored eggs (no pink for Michael)...love the colors!! So bright and cheery, just like those tellers!
Talk about alot of candy -boy, was that Easter Bunny good to my son Nolan...he went to grandma's house and came home with tons of stuff...I didn't go with them because I was busy at home working on my baby gift for my SAM (my service account manager from SU)...she's having a baby boy, due on May 10th. Well, I participated in a virtual baby shower and so, I hand stamped a gift for her. I also signed up to participate in a 12X12 double page scrapbook gift...oh, duh...so much time on my hands??? I'll be posting the pics of these baby gifts tomorrow!! I loved the simple tags, you will too!!
By the way, I suppose you notice the **NEW** look to my blog...I have to send a huge **HUG** to my blogging buddy, Jen (Pieces of me)...she's a whiz at making these blogs look terrific, don't you think??? I'm really happy with this one and I don't anticipate in changing the look any time soon. If you have a blog, and need some help to make it all pretty like mine, check out Jen's blog (http://expressivelyme.blogspot.com/) and send her an email to find out what her fees are. BTW, if you haven't checked out her blog, she has some amazing projects going on there...Til tomorrow...hugs from me!

Friday, April 6, 2007

Little girl finally gets some BIG ideas!

Wow, can't believe it's been almost one week since I last posted. Mostly because I've been working on my swaps for the cruise. THANK YOU, Wini, for pushing me to finish these babies! We spent last weekend finishing all 80 mini scrapbooks that are to be my wow! swaps. I need to journal in my sample book before I post it for you to see...

Well, it's already Easter weekend. Had to come up with a Big idea to share with you, so here's another Easter basket that I came up with using a can and the Au Chocolat designer paper from Stampin' Up! I also used the crop-o-dile to punch and set an eyelet to hold the handle on the metal can. Very cool to make a hole through metal without sweating!

Here's a closer view of the eyelet setting the handle.

I will post another Easter basket tomorrow! For those of you who will be on holiday tomorrow (Good Friday), enjoy your day off! We are going to do last minute shopping for the cruise! Hugs!