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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Update to April one card swap!

I have updated the April OCS list, so here are the players:
Denise N.
Joy U.
Michelle U.
Lynn L.
Jodi L.
Joni H.
Linda K.
Kelli B.
Mary B.
Cheryl U.
Jenny V.
Tracy H.
and ME!
Whoo hoo! That is alot of players!! I'm so happy! If there is anyone else that wants to sign up, please sign up today as I would like to email partners by Friday, April 2nd. Mahalo!

Email Transition, need to hang in there!

Hi all...I just wanted to pop in a message to let you all know that I am changing my email address because of some strange issues. Anyway, the reason why I'm letting you know this is because I will be transferring my email subscriptions from your blogs to my new email address. That way I won't miss out on all of the fabulous posts from you all! So, if you see the unsubscribe message from be through feedblitz or feedburner, don't panic! I'll be re-subscribing under my new email. What a hassle, but once I transfer everything over, I can relax, I think?
Have a great Tuesday!!

It keeps coming!

You guys!! All I can say is Wowee! and Thank you soooooooo much! Got more wonderful raks to be thankful for. This cute Easter basket came from my DL, Charlotte...love the spools of ribbon too, will come in handy with all of the projects I'm creating! Thank you so much! BTW, my family loved the Beard Papa cream puffs - you spoil us! This special Easter treats came from my GF Michelle...super cute and super sweet! Thank you soooo much! I love what you did with the envelope die, gonna have to make those baskets too!! I had so much fun spending the afternoon with you and Joy. Michelle taught the ladies some fun box projects.
Another sweet rak from Enjoli...I just loved her creative card with a pocket. She made me one of those cool luggage tags and some fun pearls and bling too! You're so thoughtful, thank you!!
OMG, my GF Linda went on vacation to LV and look what she brought back for me! Hello Kitty Las Vegas!! Whoo hoo!! I'm loving these Kitties! Thank you so much Linda!! Oh, BTW, loved the lup chong too...my fave :)
This cute Miss Anya card was created by my GF Eunice. So much work she put into this card as Miss Anya was embossed! Don't you just love the DP? I bought the pink DP from J's, it's sparkly! Thank you Eunice!!
**Sigh**...I gotta tell ya that I am one lucky girl to have such sweet and thoughtful friends. Thank you all so much for making me smile!

Monday, March 30, 2009

One Card Swap participants

Hello Friends! So I don't accidentally leave anyone out that wants to play this month, here are the names of the people who signed up. If your name is not listed here, please post a comment, or send me an email to let me know! I'll be sending the names of your partners at the end of the week!

Denise N
Joy U.
Michelle U.
Lynn L.
Jodi L.
Sashia I.
Joni H.
Linda K.
Berenice R.
Kelli B.
Jayne C.
Mary B.
Cheryl U.
Did I miss anyone??? Remember, if you get stuck and cannot fulfill your obligation, no worries, just send me an email and I'll fill in for you! This is supposed to be a fun swap, so no stressing allowed!! I want to hear from you if you have any problems so we can fix them!!

Honorable Mention

I was talking to Mochiko tonight and after selecting my winners, we decided to do more sharing! Yay for you!
You know how much I love you guys...well after a wonderful blogaversary week, and only getting to choose one winner out of the bucket, I want to send some fun stuff to those of you who commented at least two times on my blogaversary week posts! Whoo hoo!! The bummer thing is that some of you do not have any links back to you so I cannot contact you! So, here's what I have decided to do. If you have left at least two comments on my blogaversary post (and I know you will know if you did, or go check it out!), send me an email (on my side bar to the right) with your mailing address and I will send you something fun...please include your favorite color too! I'll call you guys my Honorable Mention winners!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Winners, Winners, Winners!!!

Know what makes me sad? That I can only pick one winner per candy! I had to write names on pieces of paper and pick them out of a bucket just to be fair, so without further delay, here are the winners!! FYI: Day 7 winner will be announced on Monday!
Day 3 winner is RITA! Day 4 winner is CHARLOTTE!
Day 5 winner is SASKIA!
Day 6 winner is NICKY!
Thank you all so much for playing along this week with me. I still can't believe that I've hung on for 2 years. There are times that I really was planning on giving up blogging because of the lack of time I actually have. But for now, I will continue because I have met so many nice and caring people all around the world through my blog. I will get mailing addresses from all of you to mail out your candy next week. Mahalo & Aloha to all of you!!

Celebration - Day 7

Wow! 7 days have come and gone! Today is the last day of blogaversary candy to share. I love this hanging hearts kit by making memories. It's not just for Valentine's day, because we all have so much love to share, right? I also have a set of Metallic rub on paste that I bought from Gina K Designs. I used my set only once, but it is really cool. I tried to find the post where she used it that inspired me to purchase it and I came up blank. In any event, check out Gina K's blog HERE to see all of her fantastic projects. She does awesome giveaways too.For your chance to be entered in my final blogaversary giveaway, tell me how much time you put into making a card. For me, my card has to be "perfect" for me to be satisfied. I've thrown many cards away that just didn't make the cut in my opinion and there are times when I've just given up because nothing turned out the way I wanted it to! So for me, I spend alot of time making one card because I want them all to be special! I can't wait to read all of your replies.
I want to thank all of you who have been commenting and sharing with all of us. I know all of you have been enjoying reading comments. I feel like I know all of you personally because you've been so nice to share. My blogaversary week has been so much fun thanks to all of you! Thank you so much!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

April class is sold out!

Aloha friends! Just a note here to announce that my April class on tri-fold cards and money cards is SOLD OUT! I am still working on the projects tonight so hopefully will be able to give you a sneak peek tomorrow!
Also on the table to be posted real soon is a tutorial for a very cool double shaker box project that I recently made. Credit goes to Lianne Higa of Cute Stuff who is the creator (in my books!) of this really cool shaker box. Thanks Lianne!! My take on this is a much larger box cuz I love beads!
Hope you are having a fantastic Saturday!! I'll be back soon!!

I forgot to share this one

Oh-oh! Told ya'll I was busy/crazy!! I forgot to share with you the card I made for Kyoko for the OCS! I didn't want to post this before I gave it to Kyoko and then I forgot! This is another double sider card and I made this when I made the other 3 double slider cards. I was having so much fun, I couldn't stop at making just one! This is the first time that I got to get my Miss Anya stamps inked up and I just love this image! Here's a closer look at the stickles I used to her outfit to make it shine!

Thank you for sharing a part of your day with me! More exciting projects to come soon! Hope you are having a wonderful Saturday!!

Celebration - Day 6

What an exhausting week it was! Although we had a holiday yesterday (Prince Kuhio Day - a State holiday), I was extremely busy trying to catch up with just everything!! Needless to say, I am totally exhausted so I am glad it is the weekend!! Here's what I'm giving away today...one sale-a-bration stamp set...althought the photo shows the set "Yummy", I realized that the set that I am giving away is called Polka Dot Punches...I didn't have time to re-take the photo, so sorry!! I am also including two packs of ribbon by Doodlebug, a small spool of ribbon and a Versa Color ink pad. I have been enjoying all of your comments! Thank you all for playing along and making me smile when I read through your comments! (I read them all while I'm on the bus!). Today, I'd like to know if you are an organized freak (like me) or can craft just fine in your "organized" mess...Although I love being organized, I make a horrible mess when crafting and for me, before I start on another project, I really like to straighten my craft table, only to mess it up again, haha! It's this vicious cycle, but that's how I work. Are you guys like me? Thanks for sharing this info with me, I find it interesting to see who crafts like me!
I will be posting the winners of days 3, 4 and 5 over the weekend. Sorry to keep you all in suspense, but I've been busier than ever! Thanks for your patience!!
I've been working on a really cool tutorial for a double shaker card that I turned into a framed gift. I can't wait to show you so please come back soon!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Celebration - Day 5

Wow! Day 5 already!! There's still 2 more days of candy coming so don't give up! Don't you just love this cute alphabet set by KI Memories? I think it's the colorful letters that made me buy this set. But lucky for some one that I didn't get to ink it at all! A pack of SU ribbon and another little clear stamp set are all up for grabs today! Wanna try for this candy? Leave me a comment here to tell me what is your favorite embellishment. I really cannot live without using ribbon and some kind of bling...

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Celebration - Day 4

How are you liking my blogaversary gifts?? Today's candy is a clear stamp set by Close to my Heart, chipboard flower, Doodlebug ribbon and soft spoken stickers...
Today, I'd like to know if you like to use stamps that are wood mounted or
stamps that use the acrylic blocks. For me, as much as I love the clear stamps or stamps that are backed with the EZ foam and used with acrylic blocks, I truly love my wood stamps...but here's my confession...I own lots of both!! haha!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Celebration - Day 3

Wow! The week is sure going by fast! It's already day 3 of my blogaversary week and here is today's giveaway! It's Christmas goodies! I think this is the first year that many of you are really getting on the ball and are already working on your holiday cards! Wish I was that "on it"...unfortunately, I'm not that ahead of the game. If you would like a chance at winning this fun holiday candy, leave a comment here sharing your best advice on getting ahead of the game when it comes to the holidays! I can't wait to get some good advice!
Don't give up if you didn't win yet...there's still four more days of goodies coming your way!

Blogaversary Winner - Day 2

Yippee! The winner for day #2 is DENISE (denise loves stamps). Congrats! I will be sending out your dies soon!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Blogaversary Winner for Day 1

A big MAHALO to everyone who helped me get my blogaversary celebration week off to a great start! The winner for the day 1 candy is BERENICE! Congratulations! I will be sending out your winnings soon!

Cute baskets for Easter

I subscribe to many blogs to get my daily fix on inspiration in the morning, so when I saw this cute box on Cheryl's blog, Life is Sweet, I knew I just had to make one! Here is the post where I saw the box. Here is my version of Cheryl's box. I also used those cute Easter stamps by Dandelion Designs. I just love this image!! Other supplies I used: ribbon from Craft Supply, Eyelet border punch by SU, cardstock: bazzill, choc chip by SU. I couldn't decide on a sentiment for this box, but an idea of putting the recepient's name on it is growing on me :) Here is the link for Cheryl's tutorial on how the box is made using the Sizzix XL die - Box #2. Click HERE.To add my own twist to this box, I created an insert to hold some Cadbury chocolate eggs. We bought them at Target, who seems to have the lowest price so far (3 boxes of 4 eggs for $5.00) Thanks for brainstorming with me Saturday night, Joy! I guess I need to buy more eggs now! Here's a view from the top. As you can see, I did the insert for both sides and it fit 4 eggs. Other ideas you could do is to make the egg insert for one side and then maybe add some other special treats or cards on the other side instead of making 2 inserts.
Here's what the insert looks like.
So you wanna know how to make the insert?? I wasn't planning on doing a tutorial on it, but decided that it was the best way to show you so you can all make your own. Please forgive the photo I used. I tore apart one of the inserts I made so sorry for the ratty looking sample, ha! Here are the measurements for the insert - 3 5/8" X 6". Score 1 1/4" on all sides. Cut at the arrows. To cut the circles in the middle of the insert, measure approximately 1/2" (a little less) from each end and cut out the circle using your coluzzle. I used my second smallest circle (I think)...I wanted to use the circle nesties die, but it was either too small or too big.
Adhere closed and place in box! Have fun! Thank you for stopping by today! I think there is still time to create one of these boxes and link them to Cheryl's post for a chance to win a stamp set!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Celebration - Day 2

Thanks to those who shared with me on how they got into blogging or blurfing. I love to blurf too, but lately, the busy-ness (is that a word??) of life is running me over and I haven't had time to visit too many of you. I promise I will! Lookie what I got for you today! I'm one of those people who get excited about new products and bought too many dies on that shopping trip! So, to celebrate, I am sharing with one lucky person!!Want to win these dies? Leave me a comment on this post and share with me what your favorite die cutting machine is and why. My favorite is the Big Shot because it can accommodate cutting dies from all companies!
By the way, I forgot to tell you all that since I am giving away goodies every day this week, I will be selecting the winner on the following day. One entry per person, per day and I'll take comments up til midnight of the night I post! Good luck to you all.


It's sign up time again! If you want to participate in the one card swap for April, please leave a comment on this post. If you are a returning player, then you do not need to email me with your mailing address and email. If this is your first time participating in this fun swap, please send me a private email with your mailing address and email address. DO NOT POST YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION ON THIS COMMENT SECTION. This information is important for me to have asap so I can match you up with a partner to swap.
The responses have all been positive and I thank you all for making it a fun swap!
I look forward to coordinating this one card swap for you in April!!
You will make one special card to send to your partner. Only send the card, no goodies, treats, raks, this is a one card swap! No limit on the companies and products used for your card. You should send your card to your partner no later than April 20th. Be considerate when sending to Canada and foreign countries as it will take a little longer to get there. As a courtesy, if you are running late, please email your partner to let them know. Hey!, we all have busy lives! This is a fun swap and if something comes up and you cannot fulfill your obligation, please email me so that I can send your partner a card :)
Thanks for your support and I look forward to alot of players!!

April Class - Tri-fold cards and Money cards

I know you heard it before, but where did the time go?? I can’t believe that it’s time for another class! I don’t have any sneak peek for you today, but one will be available soon! Can you believe that I am still working on those samples? The ideas are on the table, but the samples are not complete, YET!
Well, my next class TRI-FOLD CARDS AND MONEY CARDS will be on Saturday, April 4th and Sunday, April 5th from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. at my home. Please RSVP for this class via email (do not leave your reservation on this comment section). Class fee is $20 and will include your kit with all of the materials needed to complete the project and the use of the stamps and inks and some of my tools.
We will be making different variations of tri-fold cards and money cards/holders. I am so excited to be sharing with you the all-new matchbox die which will be available for purchase on April 1st as well to some of the new stamp sets from the new Occasions mini catalog.
The class will be limited to 10 seats per class and reservations will be taken on a first come, first served basis, so if you are interested in attending this class , please RSVP today via email to reserve your seat as the classes fill up fast!
Please bring your basic tool kit to the class. The tool kit should include your adhesive, scissors, paper cutter and whatever else you use while crafting. If you have a SCOR-PAL and a PAPER TRIMMER WITH SCORING BLADE, these tools will be very helpful to you when creating these cards.
As a reminder, there will be no refunds for no-shows. If you RSVP for the class don’t show up for the class, your kit will be mailed to you and postage fee will be charged to you. You may also make arrangements for pick up.
Requests for class kits by mail will be taken now so I know how many kits to cut. Kits by mail cost $25 which include the shipping fee.
FYI, colors will sometimes vary in kits especially when using DSP (designer series paper). Availability of the kits will be on a first come, first served basis upon arrival to the class.
I will be posting my sneak peek as soon as I am able. I hope you will join me for this fun class!

Celebrate with Me!

Did everyone have a fun and busy weekend?? Mine was just too busy! I apologize for not getting my post on my blogaversary candy up, but here it is today!! Without knowing, I'm right on cue because March 26, two years ago, is the actual day I did my first blog post! Wow! I didn't think I would last this long...my buddy Jen Y. and I signed up about the same time and she's still blogging too!! I have made so many new friends blogging and I thank my readers for your support! In honor of my blogaversary and to thank you for your readership, I am giving away gifts every day this week so please leave me a comment to be eligible to win! If you are leaving a comment to win today's gift, please share with me how you started to blog or blurf. I'm looking forward to reading your stories!! Here's today's gift:*Clear baby themed stamp set by Sizzix called Special Delivery
*Clear lower case alphabet "celebrate life" set by KI Memories
*Bazzill Boshers in sweetheart & petunia colors
Thank you for helping me start of the celebration and Happy Monday!

OCS card from Kyoko

Sistah, I love it! Thanks Kyoko for this beautiful card!! I have to dust off my Bellas and stamp them up soon! Love everything about this card! I took a pic at an angle so you can see the shimmer on the clothing...pretty huh!
Also received a thank you card from Kyoko...another pretty card! Waiting for your blog sistah!
Post on April's OCS coming up this week...I think everyone is having fun with it!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Miss Kitty helps Tonni celebrate 23

Our favorite kitty is back! My friend Tonni is celebrating her 23rd birthday at the end of this month with a weekend birthday bash and guess who's helping her celebrate! Yup! you guessed it right! Since Tonni's theme is Hello Kitty and the attire of the evening is black and white, I decided to make Kitty some evening wear. She is dressed in her black party dress complete with matching bow with bling. Kitty's purse is shiny silver with a pretty red rhinestone. Here's a closer look. I used my dot CB embossing folder and circle nesties to add just a bit of color. Tonni mentioned red, so I decided to give it color with some real red cardstock. To finish it off, I used some silver organdy ribbon.
The inside will have all of the info for the birthday bash. I made 10 of these special invitations for Tonni. Happy Birthday!! I can't remember what it was like being 23...oh well.
cardstock : basic black, real red, barely banana, whisper white
Accessories: silver organdy ribbon, Hello Kitty with purse sizzlet die, rhinestones, nestibilties scallop circle, silver paper (this paper is self adhesive and I got it from J's!), silver stickles, cuttlebug embossing folder (dots)
Have a great Saturday my friends! I'll be posting my blogaversary candy giveaway tomorow! Yay!! And to get the excitement going, there will be more than one lucky winner!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Yup! Another slider

Here is the last double slider card that I made. I used the this cute image from The Greetings Farm called Friends Forever. These three girls are so cute! Because the image is a horizontal one, I decided to turn the card on it's side so the slider will come out on the left and the right. A close up of the image
Here's the card when you open up the slide. BTW, I got this cute set from Summer over at Roses on Paper...she has a growing collection of stamps from The Greetings Farm, Magnolia's and more!
Whoo hoo! The weekend is here! More class planning this weekend. I hope I'm successful in making samples!! I hope you all have some wonderful plans for a fantastic weekend. As always, thank you for coming by for a visit. I do appreciate all of your sweet comments and I do try to reply if you have a link back to you. Hope I can find time to post over the weekend. I'm in the process of gathering up some fun candy for my blogaversary!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

More Love to Share

Oh boy! I'm just so happy receiving more Miss Kitties!! I received this cute Z fold card from my friend Lynn. Look at the cute key ring she gave me too! I'll have to find a small pic of Mochiko to put in there. Check out Lynn's blog, she's new to the blog world, so go and give her some love!I got another sweet Hello Kitty card from Enjoli. This kitty was made using her cricut... sooo cute! Thanks Enjoli! I love it!

Thanks girls for making me smile. I love these cards!!

For Sweet Baby Avery

I'm so behind in making my little gifts that I really meant to do sooner, but it is what it is and I am late! Some of you might know Allison from Stampin' When I Can, I started visiting her over a year ago because in addition to her inspiration, her blog is loaded with links to many other bloggers out there!! (Thanks Allison!) Well, Allison recently gave birth to baby number three and I wanted to make a special gift for Baby Avery. I decided to stamp some onesies I picked up from Ross and stamped on them. Here's a view of the onesies after I stamped them... Then, I had to wrap it up! I made this really cool holder following a tutorial created by Andrea Walford, such a talented SU demonstrator. You must visit her blog if you haven't already. I truly admire her work! To see the tutorial for this project, click HERE. I made this back in January, and didn't know what I was going to do with it, but it was such a cute idea, I just had to! I guess it was meant to be used to wrap up this baby gift, because it was perfect! I just finished it off with the decorating of the front and the sentiment inside.
Here's a view of the inside. It only fit 2 of the 3 onsies. I wrapped each onsie with some tulle and tied it up with satin ribbon.
A closer look at the sentiment. I love the new scallop oval punch that will be available for purchase come April 1st!
And, here is a side view.
Stamps: Nursery Necessities
Cardstock: Pixie Pink, chocolate chip, DP Sweet Always
Inks: Pixie pink, real red, black, sahara sand
Accessories: circle nesties, stitched ribbon (by papertrey), scallop edge punch, scallop oval punch, large oval punch, wide oval punch, rhinestone, regal rose grosgrain ribbon, satin ribbon, lavendar tulle
I was so excited when I finished this gift that I couldn't wait to share this. I haven't even mailed it out yet, so now I ruined the surprise, but that's okay Allison...now you know I really made a gift like I said I was going to. Sorry so late!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

For Enjoli

Here's a card that I made for Enjoli who was one of my partners for my March One Card Swap. I kind of screwed up in keeping track of the sign ups and missed a few gals, so I have alot of partners! That's okay, I'm kind of excited that I get to make special cards for some special people. I'm liking that I can send just one special card. Well, I posted a birthday card yesterday that I made using the double slider card tutorial I followed created by Dawn Griffith. If you missed the link, here it is again: Double Slider Card tutorial by Dawn.
I was able to ink up some of my stamps that I have been collecting! I love this Pretty Hat Anya, don't you? Here's a close-up so you can see the details.
I stamped the flower three times and then cut them out so I can layer them on her hat. There are other fun things that you can decorate her hat with. It was fun to use these Hero Arts pearls for her necklace.
Here's a view of the card opened up, so you can see the double slider part, pretty cool, huh?

Stamps: Pretty Hat Anya (by The Greetings Farm)
Cardstock: Regal rose, chocolate chip, scrap DP
Inks: copic pens
Accessories: Pearls by Hero Arts, red stickles for heart on dog's collar, chocolate chip 5/8" grosgrain ribbon, pink rhinestones
I'm having so much fun making these cards! I'll be posting one more that I made later on this week. Thanks for making me smile!
I have a baby gift to share tomorrow!

Double Slider

Happy Tuesday! Over the weekend, while searching for cool stuff to make for April's class, I stumbled upon a really cool card made by Dawn Griffith over at Dawn's Stamping Thoughts. She has the best video tutorials! Anyway, as I was searching her site and spent some time viewing tutorials, I just had to make this double slider card!! I ended up making several, and here is one of them! This one is a birthday card. I used this cute bunny image from The Greetings Farm (formerly Pink Poison), so cute!

Here's how the card opens up...so cool how the insides pop out from the top and bottom!! The secret to the sliding mechanism? A strip cut out from a grocery bag! Want to make one?? Check out Dawn's video tutorial here!
I'm off today to take mom shopping for shoes and clothes since dad is not a fan of shopping. Have a wonderful Tuesday and thanks for coming by because your visits makes me smile!
Stamps: Lucky Bunny (The Greetings Farm), On Your Birthday (SU)
Cardstock: Tempting Turquoise, Summer Sun, Close to Cocoa, Choc Chip
DP: Unknown
Accessories: copic pens, stickles, 1 3/8", 1 1/4" circle punches, dimensionals, jumbo eyelet

Monday, March 16, 2009

Twist Box

It's so amazing how we learn from our friends. At the SU Regionals, my DL, Kelly T. swapped cards with fellow SU demonstrators and she received a really cool twist box which she graciously let me borrow to see if I could figure it out. We never got the name of the demonstrator that swapped this box with Kelly, so if you know her, or if you are reading my blog and are the creator of this box, please comment or email me so I can give you proper credit!!
Well, being the "always rushing" person that I am, just couldn't figure it out! I asked my GF Joy to see if she could figure it out and OMG, she did!! Must've been the late night coffee! haha! Here's what she created...also decided to make the front window a shaker, so cute!! Another view...
Stamps by SU - Garden Greetings, ink colors: kiwi kiss, regal rose, chocolate chip. Cute girl with bunny image by Whipper Snapper Designs...got this set from Cute Stuff, the micro beads too!
Thanks Joy for creating the pattern too! I can't wait to try one on my own! Happy Monday! Another great week! See you tomorrow! I'm so excited to show you my double slider card that I created following a tutorial!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Easter Kitty

Remember I posted a couple of days ago that I was at J's waiting for the UPS man to come? And that he came when we were ready to leave?? Well, I caught the bus to J's on my lunch hour the next day just to buy these new Easter Hello Kitty dies. Crazy! Of course I wanted to use the dies so bad to re-create this cute box that Cheryl made to display at the store. I had a couple of issues with the boxes but after that was resolved, I was ready to cut the kitties out...that's when my headache started! haha! I guess after a long day at work, and having my contact lenses on since 4:00 AM, my old eyes just couldn't help me out to see where I should be trimming off (I tried to cut the HK clothes in DP and all of the designs in the paper confused my tired eyes with the cutting lines...Issues!! I did manage to finish only two kitties, one of each of the Easter Kitty's and these are the finished projects. Made this one for Joy because she loves purple. Do you like the "handle?" This is another Sizzix Bigz die and it's a heart doily. Cute, huh! I cut out one in DP and one in a matching solid color. Adhered them using my xyron machine (thanks for the suggestion, cheryl!). Here's a closer look at the kitty...I didn't even want to cut out the foot pieces...
Here's the box for Michelle...she loves pink, just like me!
The close-up...
So, do you want the measurements for the box?? This idea came from Cheryl and her sample is displayed at J's! This box uses one 8 1/2" x 11" cardstock. On the short side (8 1/2" on top) score 2" and 6 1/2". Turn the cardstock and on the long side (11" on top) score at 3", 5", 8" and 10"...if you've made boxes before, you will know what to do. I cut a slit on the top portion of the box to fit the doily; the doily acts as a handle for the box. I also cut a window in the center of the front portion of the box. So before you adhere the box together (one of my issues), be sure you make your window and slit first!! If I have time, I'll do a simple tutorial so you know what I'm rambling about!!
BTW, if you like the die, I got it from J's and saw two left on the shelf as of Friday...it might be gone today though...
Long time no photo of Miss Mochiko...she was trying to get in the act as I took the photos of these boxes...wish she could've helped me clean up a bit...
Someone's been sleeping in my bed...and it's not one of the three bears! This is what she does best...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz which is where I'm heading off to now! Hope your weekend was full of fun!