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Monday, August 31, 2009

Island Girl Raks!

MIA since Friday...don't give up on me! Been busy cleaning up my craft room to get ready to make those 40 tag kits! We spent all Sunday cutting, cutting and cutting paper...when I mentioned cutting for 400 tags, I made a BIG mistake. We actually cut paper to make 2,000 tags! Holy macaroni! All the cutting is done, and I will be putting the kits together. Mom and Dad will be cutting the cords for me (Thanks mom & dad!). I do have lots to share with you in the days to come, but before I move on to that, I really need to share with you the raks that the girls made for our summer social. Raks were not mandatory, but alot of the girls made raks for everyone! It's sort of an island girl thing I guess...I know that some of you have seen these posted right after the party, but yours truly just ran out of energy to do it until now, so sorry if you've already viewed these raks. They are really worth another peek... This first one is from Cheryl. Made by Joy
Made by Cami
Made by Joni
Made by Chalsie
Made by Janis
Made by Ali
Made by Barbie and Sunny
Made by Denise
Made by Rina
THANK YOU girls, for such beautiful raks. You are truly amazing to make sooooo many! They were appreciated by all. I can't wait til the next gathering!

One Card Swap for September is now closed.

(This card is one I created a while ago, but just re-visiting for purpose of this post)
Please check to see that you are on the list if you have requested to participate for the month of September...Wow! This may be the record! If your name is NOT on the list but would like to play this month, please comment or send me an email ASAP! Thank you!









Jenny S.



Jodi Ann







Joy D.

Joy U.





Margie C.

Michelle Ped




Jenny V.

Michelle U.


Mary B.


Kris K.

Amy Paracuelles






Michele C.



Wow! 45 this month! Thanks all for signing up! I will #46...got lots of work to do now to match everyone up. I'll be emailing you with your partners this week!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Last Call for September's One Card Swap!

Happy Aloha Friday! Tonight is the deadline to sign up for September's one card swap! We got another large group participating again! Whoo hoo! I'll be matching partners up and emailing this weekend!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Island Girls - who's who?

I know I'm late in posting these photos from the Island Girl's Summer Social that happened on August 15th, but I am posting them anyway. Thanks to all of the girls who already posted photos of this fun event! In addition to attending to "talk story" with other blogging sisters and friends, we were able to shop til we dropped!! How fun is that?? Here's Joy working hard in her little store Tamiko's. IRL though, Tamiko's is an online store and you can shop til you drop HERE. We were so lucky to get some special deals on that day, Thanks Joy! I love all of the papers that I bought!!My favorite twins...Kyoko and Linda...these ladies are sweet, kind, funny and inseparable!
Wini, me and Jen...
Thanks Jen, for doing the cricut demo. We made the cutest scallop bag! Jen has a blog just for her cricut creations! You can even download cuts too! Interested?? Click right HERE to hop over to Jen's cricut blog... Jen also brought down all the goodies for us to purchase from LITTLE C'S online store!
We were so lucky to have ManLe from Pineapple Cove, come to the gathering! She even brought her photo kiosk so that interested peeps could create a cool scrapbook page easily...drag and drop photos into the layout of your choice. I am in the process of scrapping this event on the kiosk, so I will share those pages when I'm done. If you are an island girl and haven't visited Pineapple Cove yet, check it out the next time you are at Kahala Mall...ManLe helping Evie create her page on the photo kiosk.
Joy and me...their girl knows how to have a good time...too bad you had to rush off to your soccer tournament, but I'm glad you guys won!
Me and Cheryl.
Claudette, Joy and Me...take 2! How many shots did we take??
Irene, Wini and Joyce...
Sunny (Barbie's daughter) and Aunty Wini
Cami and Me...Cami is truly one talented gal...I love all of her Tilda projects and you will too...drop by her blog, Capture a Heart, Something Handmade from Me to You! and check it out! I can't wait to show you the awesome raks Cami made for us!
Linda, Jodi and Joni...Jodi shared her takes on copic coloring...awesome Jodi! Thanks for sharing with your island sisters! I missed alot of your demos, so I'll just have to come over to get my own personal demo huh! Jodi was so nice to bring to us ROSES ON PAPER products since Summer couldn't attend in person. Kyoko and Chalsie...So much fun and talent...
Jenny, Nicky and Dawne...
Janis and Joy
Joyce and Lynn
Jamee and Kyoko
Gina and Ali
Thanks to all who help make this event possible! I'm still recouperating, believe it or not. We will be having another Island Girl social sometime in the near future - hopefully this time, we will make even more friends! Happy Aloha Friday to you all and thank you for sharing your day with me! I'll be posting the raks tomorrow!

One more gatefold

Another gatefold birthday card I made with a belly band to hold the card closed. I'm thinking that I'm needing to send these cards out soon since these birthdays have past, so sorry! I used all scraps for this card except for the base of the card (pink pirouette) and one of my favorite stamp sets Cheep Talk...such a cute bird! Here's the inside of the card and the belly band.
I'm so sad that the CS color pink pirouette retired from SU. Prettiest pink ever produced by SU (in my opinion). Anyone else sad about that?
Almost the weekend! Hopefully I will have more time to visit everyone's blogs, I know I've been missing out on all of the inspiration!! More tomorrow!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Spoiling me...love you guys!

I am speechless! Really, I am! I've received so many wonderful birthday cards and gifts this year, I want to sit down and cry (happy tears). I receved a few more sweet gifts, but I'll have to take photos of them to share. It's been a busy week and with the holidays right around the corner (yes, it is!) it will be even busier!! Sorry folks, if you don't wish to see the beautiful cards and gifts I received, you can skip this post, but in blogland, you should do proper thanking when you receive cards and gifts, right? Warning though, this is a long post :) This first beautiful card I received from my GF Lynn. I love this card Lynn! It serves as a giftcard holder as well. Of course, I challenged my GF Joy on this one and she did it! She figured it out! (that brat - haha! Just kidding! xoxo to you Joy! and thanks for figuring this out!) To see a tutorial on how to make your very own, visit Joy's blog HERE.
My GF Barbie and her sweet daughter, Sunny, surprised me with these goodies at the Summer Social...I love the card and all of these yummy chocolates too!! Thank you so much!!
Such a sweet card I received from my friend Kim Y. I love the flowers too!! Thank you Kim!
Sweet treats from my GF Tia! I love the Flutter Anya card and the HK file is adorable! Thank you Tia!!
Blogging is wonderful, because you meet people from all over the world! I met Berenice in blogland. She's from Mexico! Love the goodies from Berenice, Thank you!
Love this card from my GF Nicky! Looks like a chubby mochiko! The card is so cute Nicky and I love my goodies!! Thanks Nicky!
Ahhh, the cricut master, Jen! Jen made me this gable box filled with sweet treats too! Thanks sister!!
Last one for today...this awesome brak came from my GF Claudette! Girl, I love the card and goodies are the bonus! Thank you so much!
Long post huh! Thanks for sitting with me through this long post...more tomorrow! I gotta thank everyone and now...working on the thank you cards! I drew a special design just for my thank you's! Coloring was another story! haha!! Enjoy your day - only a couple more days til the weekend!! Thanks for sharing a part of your day with me! I'm so lucky!

Priceless friendships!

Did I mention that I am one lucky girl? So much to share, but I am so happy to be able to share my happiness with all of you!
I received this beautiful tri-shutter card on Tuesday from my GF Jamee. She did a beautiful job on this card! The colors are so soothing, just what I needed to see coming home from a long day at work! Thanks Jamee! I love it and you are welcome for the stamp!Received this card last week from Denise! Such a pretty card! I love coming home to happy mail! Sure brightens up my day and Denise, you just know how to time it on a day that I needed some love! Thank you so much Denise! Look at all of the different nesties she used!
More braks! Received this belated gift from my GF Enjoli. Queen of the HK projects! Love the notebook and beautiful pull up card! I still have to try my hand at making one, looks so complicated though. So many other goodies in my package, made my mouth drop when I opened it up! Thank you so much Enjoli! Can't wait for you to come back to Oahu to play!
Talk about OMG! I received this box over the weekend from my GF Toni in California. So many goodies made me speechless (again!). Thank you so much Toni for spoiling me! I know you've been working so hard at school. I hope you find some time to craft soon! Thank you so much for all of these wonderful goodies!
Isn't this card the cutest? I love this character! Got this cutie of a card from my GF Jenny. Not only is this image cute, check out the inside of this card (2nd photo)...isn't it now super cute???
Check out the inside...love the pop ups!
A bonus! Wonderful gifts from Jenny too! Thank you soooo much! I love everything!!
Thank you to all of my wonderful friends who spoil me rotten. I feel so guilty receiving so many beautiful cards and gifts. Please be patient ladies with me on my Thank You cards...so many to write, but I will!! Thank you so much to YOU, my faithful readers, who support what I do. Thanks for stopping by and I'll see you again tomorrow!
Remember! only a couple more days to sign up for September's OCS!

Monday, August 24, 2009

The Annual 50 Christmas Tag class sign up!

ETA: Forgot to post the time of the classes. It's going to be the same hours as other classes starting at 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. You will be allowed more time if you need to finish. FYI, the tags were designed a little simpler this year with creating in bulk in mind!
Happy Tuesday!! What a busy, busy weekend it was working at the Made in Hawaii Festival at the Berry Sweet Bath & Body booth. Thanks to all of you who stopped by to say hello to me! So nice to see so many people! Don't forget, if you want more info on Carri's products, hop on over to berry-sweet.com and click on her live journal.
Finally am able to post my sneak peek of the tags that we will be making at the Annual 50 Christmas Tag class! This year, I am trying something different and will have four days that you can choose from to make these cute tags for holiday gifts or for your own use. The date for the classes are: Saturday, September 12 and Sunday, September 13 and Saturday, September 19 and Sunday, September 20. I realized that I had initially posted Saturday, September 5 and Sunday, September 6, but found out that it is Labor Day weekend and although my family doesn't do anything spectacular that weekend, some of you had mentioned to me that they do! So I moved the dates. Here's the sneak peek with more info to follow after the photo.

We will be making 50 tags, 10 each of five tag designs. So each kit will include all supplies, (cardstock and embellishments and most of them already cut with the exception of the die cut ones), 3 tins and materials to make the belly band (each tin can hold 10 tags), materials to make 2 boxes and materials to make the belly band (each box can hold 10 tags), cording for all 50 tags and a BONUS...those of you who come to my class know that for most classes, I offer a bonus project if you attend :)
Class reservation will be on first come, first served basis. I am making only 40 kits this year. We are cutting the kits now - OMG, we are cutting cardstock for 400 tags! fun but insane! Anyway, if you would like to attend this FUN annual tag class, please send me an email to reserve your seat today!! Be sure to indicate which day you are reserving your seat for. The cost for the 50 Christmas Tag kit is $50 and you must send in your payment to save your seat! Every year, this class is a sold out class so don't miss out this year! You won't be disappointed!
I look forward to seeing you this year at this fun class!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

September One Card Swap Sign Up!

It's that time again!! Time to sign up for September's one card swap! I'm so thrilled that this swap is continuing as I've received many beautiful and creative cards from you. If you are interested in joining us for September's one card swap, please leave a comment on this post. Then, if you are a returning player, you do nothing else but wait til the sign ups are closed. I will match you up with a partner and send you an email with all of the info. If you are a new player, in addition to posting a comment to play, send me an email (email on right sidebar) with your full name, mailing address, email address and blog address if you have one. I will now be including blog addresses as I think it might be fun to see who your partner is in blogland. You do not need a blog to participate!
Some info for new players - this is a one card swap, no other goodies or raks should be sent with your card, just the card. This swap was started because some people want to trade cards and ideas and not be obligated to send anything else but the card...make your card special! You're only making one! You can write a nice note inside of the card to your partner, but you don't have to if you don't want to. Your card creation is not limited to any one company - use what you have and be creative! I love looking at everyone's creations! Thanks to all of you who participate and for making this swap a success! I am looking forward to lots of players!new friends too!
Here's the card I made for my partner Tia in July. Sign ups will close midnight, Friday, August 28, 2009 and this post shall remain on the top til then. Have a great day everyone! It's like Friday for me since tomorrow is a State Holiday - Admission's Day! I will be working at the Made In Hawaii Show in the Berry Sweet Bath & Body booth! Be sure to stop by to say Hello to me if you are attending!