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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Annual Celebration and happy mail!

Yesterday, our office celebrated Administrative Professionals Day. Today is the actual "designated day" but with our busy schedules, we decided to do it yesterday. Our bosses are the best, I'm not just saying that. When you work for people who care, you just want to do your best, KWIM? They sent us to Tsukiji Fish Market & Restaurant over at Ala Moana Center's Hookipa Terrace. The buffet was fabulous and with my tiny appetite, I had a hard time stuffing myself. In my terms, I ate soooo much that I didn't even eat dinner. Well, does a salad count as dinner?? That was all that I had room for. Here's a pic of Me, Kristen, Alice & Peggy at the restaurant before we emptied our plates. If you've never been there, it is definately a place that serves good food!
Every year, we take a pic of the four of us and we almost forgot this year! We had one of the bosses snap this pic right before I was ready to go home. You can't tell that I am stuffed to the gills, can you? Thank gawd for the loose fitting top! When I got home, I was surprised to find some happy mail! These cute notepads came from one of my DL gals and another faithful blog reader, Charlotte. Thank you! I love them. I told Charlotte that I'm always looking for paper to make lists and take notes, so these will definately be put to good use. This was a thank you for the blog candy I recently sent to her :)

My other happy mail came from my good friend, Judie. Judie has been a faithful customer back in my teaching at Ben Franklin. Sometimes, she would be my only student, but she came faithfully every week!! Judie sends this card as a thank you for the blog candy too. How sweet. I love the kitty image!! Judie owns two beautiful cats!
Sorry, no creation to post today, but hopefully I will have one tomorrow. I'm just about finished with the kits, so they will be ready to send as soon as I get my chocolate chip cardstock!!! I also can't wait to finish my cards for the blogaversary goodies that I'm patiently waiting to send out. Sorry girls...you won't be disappointed when you get your goodies. Happy Wednesday, yay! The middle of the week!! Thanks for dropping by today!


Risa said...

Your happy mail is awesome Teri, I love the cat card! Thank you for sharing the pictures, looks like you ladies had a awesome time together.

Sheree said...

That's a nice pic of the 4 of you. I love the idea of the notepaper. Judie's card is so cute too. Had a great time today. THANKS!!!

Sheree said...

That's a nice pic of the 4 of you. I love the idea of the notepaper. Judie's card is so cute too. Had a great time today. THANKS!!!

Rita said...

Beautiful RAK's Maria, you really deserve them, you are one fantastic lady! luv the pics thanks for sharing with us & you all look fantastic!

Maria said...

Hey Teri!! Lovely pictures of you and your gal pals!! Looks like y'all had a lot of fun!!! Love the RAKS your received too! They are all so pretty!!


Little C's Creations said...

Oh what a great time you ladies had at lunch!! How cool!!! No can tell you stuffed, but if you stuffed - Kristen must be too - but look at her with her fitted dress!!! OMG!!! Tell her I said, "Sexy Sis-tah, va-va-va-voom!!!" hahahha... she remind me of myself, back in the days. Hahahaha....

Love the goodies you got from Judie (I met 1 of her cats at the vet when it was sick... =0( - and lovely note pads from Char... I have to put mines together, because she gave them to me unassembled. Hahaha....

Ok girl, have a good day!! I'm finishing my tidying around my house - then again, when does it ever end, right?!


Gina Wrona said...

Aloha Teri,

I love everything you sent me in my pkg, now I just have to learn how to use it all, i.e. luminare. Because I want to make something really special for you since you are so special...


Anonymous said...

Yes we did have a great time on our annual outing and more so after the lunch..haha..

As always Teri, you do great work and is very talented!

Thanks Jen - you crack me up!

~ Kristen