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Sunday, September 12, 2010


I hope you are all enjoying your weekend. I guess it was bound to happen with all of my running around and such, that I got sick. I'm getting over a sore throat and headaches. I forced myself to go to bed early and it felt nice to do nothing!!
I'm so shame that I didn't get a chance to post these wonderful and thoughtful birthday gifts from friends. Please forgive the tardiness! Thank you and BIG hugs to all of you for the sweet birthday wishes for this old girl!
From my GF Lynn. I love this glass holder and it was filled with alot of fun goodies!
This was the card that went with that gift. Thanks so much Lynn!
This special brak came from my GF Jenny of Hilo. Thank you so much jenny! I love this pretty pink box and all of the goodies inside! Woweeee!
This is the card that came with the gift, I just love these Lily of the Valley images, so sweet!
Got a pretty Coach pink wrist purse from my GF Joann. We go waaayyyy back, yeah Jo? Thank you so much for this special gift and for the ono lunch too! We really need to get together again. Call me, K?
These goodies are from Janis. When this score buddy came out, I thought about getting it and then changed my mind because I said I didn't need it. I know I don't need it, but it's always fun to have more toys to play with, right? Thanks Janis, I love the little bottles of glue too!
From my sweet friend, Brenda. I love this cute little punched octopus! You are such a genius to think up these cute punched animals! Thank you also for all of the goodies too!
What a sweet box from my GF Denise. Thank you so much! Love this box to hold little treasures, and thanks for the sweet gift inside too!
More sweet gifts! This cute easel box is from my GF Joni. I love it! Thanks so much for the treats inside the box too!
Wasn't this a sticky post? Full of so much sweetness! hehe! Thanks again friends for a wonderful birthday celebration!
Also wanted to give a shout out to thank the girls who attended my Sunday class in August for surprising me with a little birthday luncheon, that was so sweet of you!
Trying to catch up here with my posting, so hopefully next week, I'll have more to share with you. I'll be working on my christmas tag class samples.
Stay tuned for my August OCS card from my new friend, KaRen and also for the tags I received from my partner Sharon for the tag swap! Bear with me, I'm trying hard to catch up on things.
Thanks for sticking with me and for stopping by today!!


Jodi said...

Sweet gifts from everyone!! Sounds like you had a great birthday Teri!!
Jodi =)

Tammi said...

Beautiful creations from your friends Teri!

Shirley N said...

What sweet gifts--shows how much you are loved! Hope you're feeling betta!!!

Leanne said...

Lots of beautiful gifts and cards. Thanks for sharing! Hope you feel lots better! Hugs

lynn said...

Glad you like it Teri...=)

Unknown said...

Super cute cards and gifts. Hope you feel better soon. Big hugs :)

Brenda said...

i'm glad you were showered with some wonderful gifts! you deserve them all!

Colleen said...

What sweet and cute gifts from your friends. I am so sorry that you are not feeling well. I am glad that you are able to get some rest. I hope that you are feeling better soon. Can't wait to see what tags you came up with for your class. :)

Stamping Cafe said...

Oh such sweet gifts from your friends, Teri! You are one lucky girl, I hope you feel better soon! Hugs!!

Janis said...

Love seeing all of your wonderful gifts from your creative friends. Hope you are feeling better soon! Take care!

Cami said...

Lots of wonderful gifts from your creative friends, for a super wonderful gal...YOU. More toys to enjoy and play with. Hope you feel better soon, Teri! Hugs, Cami