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Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Hey everyone! What a long and tiring day for me! Did ya know that my work days start at 3:00 a.m.?? Nuts huh!? I get myself ready, make sure my work bag is packed (this is the bag I take to work everyday with the same things almost every day that I cannot live without) and then I pack my coffee cup and food (breakfast and lunch) and then I either go to my work room to make cards or go online and check my email, blog and leave for work at 5:40 a.m. on the bus. haha...tired already and I haven't even started the real work!
Now that I'm getting ready to leave on a short trip, it's sure hard work! I'm too tired to create a card tonight, so...just thought I'd share a couple of pics here. Here's a pic of me and my big sister Cheryl in the back yard with all of Dad's roses and a pic of my kitty, Midori, in the yard trying to hid behind a rose pot. She's kind of blending in with that pot.

I hope I don't go into withdrawals blogging while I'm away...maybe I'll borrow a computer to check on how you guys are doing in the grad and dad department (hint, hint)...I'll miss you guys!
I won't be blogging tomorrow night because I'll be having my nails done and my hair. I do have to mention that these appointments are my regular nail & hair appointments and not because I'm going on this trip! I say this because my husband commented on this. He said, "you're only going to be gone for five days!" Doesn't he know that looking nice to go craft store shopping is a must?? haha! Do I sound tired? I am...and it's getting late, time to go to sleep...nighty nite ladies!

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