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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Where Have I been?

Wow! seems like there is not enough time to blog and that it's turning into a weekly thing..oh well, with a full-time job, family stuff, workshops, scrapping and stamping - ya think there'd be a tiny window for my blog! I love blogging but I had to take a overview of my priorities...I'm such a sucker and can easily get **swayed** into just staying on the computer and doing nothing else!!
Okay, nuff about why I haven't posted. I almost forgot to share with you the beautiful and colorful May Day program called **Children of this World** put on by the children of Enchanted Lake Elementary School. My son is in the 6th grade and the whole 6th grade acted as the royal court with king, queen, prince and princesses! My son was voted to be the Prince of the island of Moloka'i and here he is along with the princess and attendants. Here's also a pic of the Queen and her princesses It's so coloful - each island is represented by a specific color and it was so pretty to see all of the colors along with the beautiful flowers. I took this opportunity to take pics of all of the kids in Nolan's class because it is a tradition of mine to do a scrapbook for the teacher as her end of the school year gift. This year is special because it's Nolan's last year at Enchanted Lake and we just love his teacher, Mrs. Gallagher. Each child will write their own message to the teacher next to their photo, then I turn it into a scrapbook. I'll keep you posted when I'm done.
Yesterday was my Post Cruise Party - thanks to all who attended. I think everyone enjoyed themselves as we haven't had a chance to socialize (talk story!) since I left for the cruise!! I was so busy socializing (miss aloha) that I totally forgot to take pics of the event! But, here's a pic of the rest of what the free make 'n take looked like. I posted the cover of the mini scrapbook earlier. I'm giving this completed book to my cousin Pam. The photos in this book is of when she and her family visited us in November. Matt (her son) and Nolan are the same age. Matt slept overnight and the boys had blast when we went to the beach! Then, we met them at Ryan's for dinner (Ward Center). Here is a pic of her husband Horst and their daughter Alyssa (cutie!). I'm leaving on Friday night to visit them for five days in California...(San Fran area)...Can't wait to shop at Michaels and JoAnns!! I'll post pics when I return!

I also worked like crazy to "try" to do my cruise scrapbook (you can all stop laughing now!) ...I stayed up til 12:30 am (Friday night or actually early Saturday morning) to do some...I didn't even make a dent in scrapping! (I was really in denial). But here is one of my favorite pages so far. It's a page of the desserts...yum!! I took a pic of alot of desserts and didn't want to make page after page after page of desserts, so....I saw this really cool page idea on the cruise...the gal made a flip book (no Jen, not filipino - haha!) on her page. I must say, it turned out pretty cool and it is so far my fave page. I'll post a slide show when I'm all done. I had four hours of sleep because I had to rise early since Nolan participated in the Speech Festival this year. My son the procrastinator (hmm, wonder where he gets it from???) kept forgetting to bring home his poem to practice and memorize, so for this whole past week, I've been getting on his back to practice, practice, practice...and I'm proud to say, he did very well. It was a really long poem called "Colonel Fazackerlay". After the event was over, we rushed home to set up for my post cruise party...I slept very well last night!
Well, I'm signing off for now so I can cook some dinner.


Cheryl said...

Very cute Teri!!! Sorry I never made it to your house. I had a very long day...

Jackie said...

Can't believe you actually had enough energy to blog, craft AND cook after yesterday's event! You're the "energizer bunny" of the craft world!

Love the kids'photos!

Little C's Creations said...

awww... junk Chazz' school no more Royal Court... so cute... ah! memories! They shoulda made Nolan Head Chief! Love the SB! Still can't locate mines...duh!! Thanks for sharing with me though - glad I got to see it upfront.