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Sunday, July 22, 2007

2500 hits blog candy winner!

Thank you to all of you who posted such nice comments, signed my guest book and also emailed me personally to allow me to add your link to my blog sistah list! Wowee! I feel the love {blush}...
Well, with so many of you gals trying for this collection of goodies, I entered all of your names in the randomizer and this was really kinda neat/strange because I did it 3 times and the same name popped up on #18, that's for our 18th anniversary...and that name and winner of my candy is Joy! Congrats Joy! Since I know where to find you, I will be delivering your goodies personally! Yipee!
I am working on another bunch of celebration goodies. This time, it'll be for my 3500 hits. Can't believe I'm falling behind - again!! I know you all said not to stress out about it, but the truth is I do. It's when I do my "best" work!
Anyway, thanks to ALL of you for playing...try back when I post my new goodies for my 3500 hits.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for fitting me into your busy life/schedule...We really had a good time at your house and learning how to make all those christmas cards! I thank you for also helping/doing the scrapbook for James...he will really love it...and also for making the awesome card for him! I actually remembered how to make the pocket! hip...hip...hooray!
You work really good under stress!

Anonymous said...

too cool! I am so grateful to you for winning the candy! I love my stuff! I never knew I could win until I met you!