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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I've been Tagged by Corinne!

It's been a while since I got tagged! This time, Corinne from Stamping with Roxy . Corinne has beautiful stamped cards and you gotta see her adorable lunch tin! Anyway, the tag is for me to reveal 7 things about me:

1. I was born in Honolulu, Hawaii and lived in Waimanalo all my life
2. I love the color pink and yellow was my "before" favorite.
3. I never refuse chocolate or desserts.

4. I wish I still owned my little RX-7 sports car.
5. I love working in silence. If I have music on, it would have to be something soothing.

6. I could go clothes shopping all day! The same goes for shopping for stamps and scrapbook stuff.
7. I have the hardest time saying "no" to anyone who asks me to do something for them especially if it involves something crafty.

Hmm, I guess gotta keep this going, so I'm going to tag these 7 ladies:
Jen from Pieces of Me, Cheryl from Life is Sweet, Flossie from Flossie Goes Hi Tech, Jean from Stamping Spot Studio, Mo from Jus' Scrap and Jo from Jus' Scrap and Corie from Creations by Corie...We all want to know more about each other! Looking forward to seeing everyone's answers!


Corie said...

Read my latest post. I was adding it when you tagged me. I think we were on the same wave length.

Thanks for tagging me, I am honored.

corinnesomerville said...

I know what you mean about missing a car....when Kevin and I were first married we had this old Austin Mini....I would LOVE to have that car back !!! Funny thing is it was the ugliest color, it was like a pea green :)

Have a great day, my friend
Corinne (aka Roxy)

Anonymous said...

you gals are so crazy...I love to read your blogs though =) I don't think I could keep up like this. I rather enjoy other ones than to worry and stress over mine...this is much more fun!

Little C's Creations said...
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Little C's Creations said...

Hey Homey....OMGawd, you TAGGED me!!! Glad that I was able to contribute for #5....and as for #7, yea, you betta work on that. For BLOOD relatives only. hahaha...


Alhambra Club said...

I did your tag challenged and was challenged again, think I will have to wait a couple of days, need that much time to think of something

Little C's Creations said...

sister, i'm pau with my tag... here's where you can find my answers:


thanks for tagging me... is there a "time out" place? hahahha


Cheryl said...

Hey Teri, you can read mine on my blog www.pinkydots.blogspot.com