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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Anyone else having trouble with posting??

Good morning! For some reason, my blog posts haven't been posting as scheduled...what is going on?? Anyone else having issues with this?? I usually have my posts done for the week to ensure that I have a daily post, but for some reason, it's not working. I don't remember touching the settings or anything.
If you are experiencing issues like me, please email me!!
BTW, I had to go into my edit posts and manually post today's blog post...**sigh** - like I need another thing to worry about :0
Have a great Tuesday!


Dawne said...

uhh...guess I wouldn't know because I don't mega post like you, yeah? Sorry I am no use =( Your other friends tease me for not posting much. Well, hope you have a great Tuesday in spite of your posting issues!

joni h said...

You know, my scheduled posts didn't post on time either. Thought that it was something that I was doing. Haven't tried it since. Wonder what it is? Sorry, not much help here.

Janis said...

I've just got started but I noticed that mine didn't post in a timely manner over this long weekend. I had to manually post it although it showed the older time when it should have posted. I thought that it was just me.

Jenny said...

I hear you girl! I had the same problem today- scheduled my pop up scrapbook post- which I told you to come look at, and it wasn't even there!!!! Sorry- I manually did it and now its up. Guess I better not rely on the scheduled posts?