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Monday, August 31, 2009

Island Girl Raks!

MIA since Friday...don't give up on me! Been busy cleaning up my craft room to get ready to make those 40 tag kits! We spent all Sunday cutting, cutting and cutting paper...when I mentioned cutting for 400 tags, I made a BIG mistake. We actually cut paper to make 2,000 tags! Holy macaroni! All the cutting is done, and I will be putting the kits together. Mom and Dad will be cutting the cords for me (Thanks mom & dad!). I do have lots to share with you in the days to come, but before I move on to that, I really need to share with you the raks that the girls made for our summer social. Raks were not mandatory, but alot of the girls made raks for everyone! It's sort of an island girl thing I guess...I know that some of you have seen these posted right after the party, but yours truly just ran out of energy to do it until now, so sorry if you've already viewed these raks. They are really worth another peek... This first one is from Cheryl. Made by Joy
Made by Cami
Made by Joni
Made by Chalsie
Made by Janis
Made by Ali
Made by Barbie and Sunny
Made by Denise
Made by Rina
THANK YOU girls, for such beautiful raks. You are truly amazing to make sooooo many! They were appreciated by all. I can't wait til the next gathering!


Rina said...

Teri, love your family affair, in creating your kits. your parents are so sweet, that, I definitely remeber.

Great, great raks. I still have yet to post mine (oops...).

Unknown said...

Lovely RAKs from so creative ladies :) TFS!

Unknown said...

These are GREAT RAKS, Teri!

Tammy said...

I love when you share your RAKs. There are fantastic!! What a great group of ladies.

Fay said...

Wow...such beautiful RAKs! :D

Michelle Alejandro said...

Wohoo your back! Doesn't it seem like there is so much going on these days. Anyhoo, hope you are having a great week!


Janis said...

Uhhh....2000 tags? OMG, hope that your back and the rest of you survives cutting all of that!

kris said...

Great RAKs!!! all the images are sooo cute too!!!!

Risa said...

What ever is in Hawaii's drinking water, send a bottle over to me Teri! *lol*
Everyone of your girls are sooooooooo talented! Their creations are awesome...I LOVE all of them!

Kyoko said...

Good grief woman, you are sure going to be BUSY!! Looking at all your wonderful RAKs brings back fun memories of that special day!

Enjoli said...

Sweet sweet RAKs!! I so missed out! I'll be flying over Oct. 1. I can't wait. Hope to see you! Hugs, Enjoli