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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Another beautiful day in paradise...

Happy Tuesday everyone!! A little behind in sharing these pics with you. This beautiful shot was taken at 6:00 AM when we were at Hawaiian Memorial setting flowers at the cemetary. I love how the mountains look so fresh! It was wonderful because the roads were empty and the air was still cool! Yesterday, I took Nolan and a friend to Sandy Beach to fly kites. Here's Nolan flying his kite. The weather was just so perfect! Look how blue the sky was and can you see the ocean too? As perfect as the weather was - guess who forgot to put on sunscreen???? Yup! moi! OMG, you guys should see my sunburn! Thank goodness after putting lots of after sun, it doesn't look half bad today! Notice that I'm not going to embarrass myself by posting a pic of me here.
After flying kites for 2 hours, we had to get cooled off so we went to get Shaved Ice! Yummy!! This was from a little hole in the wall place called B&S store on School Street...in my opinion, they make "da bes" ... my flavor was strawberry, banana and melon with condensed milk on top!!
What a fantastic holiday!!

I wanted to Thank Jodi Ann for these really cool push pins. They are shrinked art! Can you recognize some of the stamps she used??? I see the SU owl and the cute little gal with the haku lei on by TAC...she also used stamps by Whipper snapper...Jodi is finally creating a blog to show off her work...I'll post her link when she's good to go.

Here's a close up of my favorite pin...love this doggie with the TP...Thanks Jodi for these gifts...LOVE them!!

Thanks for coming by today...more soon!!


Unknown said...

The shave ice must have been so refreshing on a hot day and Jodi's pins are so cute - thanks for sharing.

Rita said...

Looks like you all had a blast, a full day filled with lots of fun! Yummy, that shaved ice looks
D E L I C I O U S!!!!
Those pins are adorable! Thanks for sharing your pictures with us.

Elaine said...

Beautiful scenery pics! WIsh I were in HAWAII too!!
those pins are just the cutest little things!! How sweet!!

Sheree said...

Very nice pic of the mountains. Looks better from the memorial park than my house! Eeks! Sunburn--good thing you put that after sun stuff. You didn't look sunburnt today. Shaved ice is always such a nice treat!! I just love those pins. Gotta see then in person next time I see you.
Thanks for sharing.

Little C's Creations said...

those shave ice look soooo yummy!! Jodi made some cute stuffs... how cool!!!


Risa said...

Your pictures are beautiful Teri and the scenery is spectacular! The shaved ice treats look so yummy and your gifts are so cute!!!
BTW sometimes the little "hole in the wall" can have some good food! The place where we buy our ribs is another "hole in the wall" and those ribs are super yummy:)

Unknown said...

Oh... will have to take my husband to that shave ice place next time we are on the Island. We go to Waiola's, Matsumotos, and the other one downtown... but haven't hit this one! thanks for the tip.