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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

More Wow!

More beautiful birthday cards to share...so much work went into these cards, how could I not share them with you! This card is from Wini. So beautiful, I love the roses, they were embossed too! Thanks Wini! From Irene...love the sentiment, made me laugh! Thanks Irene!
From Joyce...I just love this birdie stamp by PTI. Had to go out to buy this XL die after receiving your card. Thanks Joyce! (BTW, you can get this die from J's...that's where I got mine the other day).
From Risa. I just love this card. The coloring is more beautiful IRL...thanks Risa!!
From Chris D. Met Chris through my OCS. Thanks Chris, the crochet flower is a special one!
From Becca Aitken, through Jen's birthday rak club...thanks Becca!
From Paula Barin, through Jen's birthday rak club. Thanks Paula!
From my friend Marit all the way from Norway. Thanks Marit, I love the details and want to use this as a LO for a scrapbook page!
From Judie, who comes to my class just for the brownies! (wink, wink!) Thanks Judie!
Phew! That was alot of cards! Thank you ladies, they are all so precious to me! Can you believe that I have MORE to share?? I'll be sharing more during the week. Thank you for letting me share these beautiful cards with you!


Fay said...

Wow, Teri! TONS of beautiful cards!! Thanks for sharing all of them!

Michelle Alejandro said...

What wonderful birthday raks! You deserve all of it and more! What time do you want to meet on Friday? Where do you ladies want to meet or do you want me to pick you up. LMK.


Kim. said...

Hi Teri,
I have just arrived back in blogland and seen all your birthday niceness I am just sorry I missed it. Therefore I am now sending you a belated birthday wish. Looks like you had a great time and have been showered with lots of love & gifts.
Kim xXx

kris said...

Beautiful cards!!!! exciting variety and the cards are just so happy!!! Love them!!!

Linda said...

Such beautiful cards, Teri! You get so much because you always give so much! Pay it forward and it always comes back 10 fold! Have a great day and see you soon! xoxo, Linda

Elena said...

Great cards...Thanks for sharing..

Joy said...

OH MY GOODNESS! you got so many cards!! more than your age =) so sweet of everyone to remember! it makes your birthday all the more special yah! it should be more fun when you get older! I mean younger...lol! will call you again later!

Cheryl said...

Geez Louise, tons of birthday cards! Thanks for sharing all the beautiful cards you received for your birthday.

Jodi said...

whoo hoo! What great talent all of these ladies have!! TFS all your birthday cards!
Jodi =)

Rita said...

Wow you hit the jackpot girl...these BRAK's are awesome!

eunice said...

Look at all those beautiful cards! Lucky girl...see how special you are? (Shout out to Wini....wow!!!!)

Risa said...

More beautiful RAKs to share..you lucky girl!!! Thanks for sharing Teri and I'm glad you like your card:)