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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Celebration - Day 3

Wow! The week is sure going by fast! It's already day 3 of my blogaversary week and here is today's giveaway! It's Christmas goodies! I think this is the first year that many of you are really getting on the ball and are already working on your holiday cards! Wish I was that "on it"...unfortunately, I'm not that ahead of the game. If you would like a chance at winning this fun holiday candy, leave a comment here sharing your best advice on getting ahead of the game when it comes to the holidays! I can't wait to get some good advice!
Don't give up if you didn't win yet...there's still four more days of goodies coming your way!


Saskia said...

Well... I'm also sooo bad on starting at time for Holiday cards...looking out for some great advice :)!! Making 1 card a week, starting from june... sounds already good! Have some nice papers, stamps, goodies...that will help too!! Good luck!!


StampinCathy said...

Happy Blogaversary to YOU!
I try to start in July for Christmas cards. Everyone starts talking about Christmas in July, so I TRY to start or at least think about my cards. Thanks for a chance.

Unknown said...

I used to shop all year round for gifts, but when it came to crafts, I was always last minute. I would have something in mind by September but then something else caught my eye in late November so I would always be scrambling in December so this year I'm checking the SCS galleries for ideas so I can start early.

Alex said...

I find a little and often is the way to go. Perhaps start a Christmas card once and week and by the end of January you'll have four! Do that for the rest of the year and you'll have quite a collection :) Obviously if you do two Christmas cards a week you'll have double the amount come Christmas holiday season! etc.

Thanks for your generousity with your blog candy, I'll link you to mine.

Alex from England x

ivy said...

what a great thing you are going---giving away so many goodies!

peggy said...

I try to start in July for christmas cards ... by the end of november I'm done !!!


Rita said...

Wow I just saw that you have 10 posts & I'm trying to play catch up today because we have been away for 2 days. You have been busy girl!

Happy Blogaversary Teri!!!

I always got ahead of the game by buying my gifts all year long whenever I saw something of interest for someone I give a gift to, this is how I always use to finish my shopping by Thanksgiving. Now I can't seem to get it together anymore.

Swedie said...

I try to start making my crafts as soon after I get an idea as possible. Since I usually make something for several people I can make them assembly line fashion, which speeds things up.


Jenny V. said...

Since I start signing up for some Christmas Card Challenges. I have about 15 cards so far. For shopping I try to buy stuff on sale and check who would need it or safe it for later and figure out who I should give it too. Thanks for another chance to win.


Risa said...

Congratulations on your Blogaversary Teri! I wish that "I" could give some advice on getting ahead for holiday cards. *lol* But, I do have to admit that participating in various blog challenges helps me to get ahead with my holiday card stash.

carpediem said...

My advice would be to start early by organizing a "to do" list. I try to plan ahead and do a little each month. Doesn't always work out...but at least I make an effort! lol! laura j.

carpediem said...

My advice would be to start early by organizing a "to do" list. I try to plan ahead and do a little each month. Doesn't always work out...but at least I make an effort! lol! laura j.

Judie said...

Happy blogaversary, Teri. Sorry, no advice for getting holiday preps under control. I've been trying (and failing) for way too many years. But I love the holidays and love all the things I do to decorate and celebrate. Is it too early to put up the tree? Judie