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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Celebration - Day 7

Wow! 7 days have come and gone! Today is the last day of blogaversary candy to share. I love this hanging hearts kit by making memories. It's not just for Valentine's day, because we all have so much love to share, right? I also have a set of Metallic rub on paste that I bought from Gina K Designs. I used my set only once, but it is really cool. I tried to find the post where she used it that inspired me to purchase it and I came up blank. In any event, check out Gina K's blog HERE to see all of her fantastic projects. She does awesome giveaways too.For your chance to be entered in my final blogaversary giveaway, tell me how much time you put into making a card. For me, my card has to be "perfect" for me to be satisfied. I've thrown many cards away that just didn't make the cut in my opinion and there are times when I've just given up because nothing turned out the way I wanted it to! So for me, I spend alot of time making one card because I want them all to be special! I can't wait to read all of your replies.
I want to thank all of you who have been commenting and sharing with all of us. I know all of you have been enjoying reading comments. I feel like I know all of you personally because you've been so nice to share. My blogaversary week has been so much fun thanks to all of you! Thank you so much!!


StampinCathy said...

Congrats to all the winners!
Now this is a tough question. Sometimes making a card will take a short time and others may take days. So I would say 10 minutes to days. Thanks for a chance.

carpediem said...

My cards never take me more than 30 minutes to make. If it takes any longer I move on to another project! If I'm on a roll and feeling really creative I can make four in an hour. But you should see my stamp studio after a productive day.....I sometimes need a full day to clean up!!

peggy said...

Hi Teri,

My cards take me about 2 hours ...sometimes even longer !!!

Thanks for the chance to win !!!



Swedie said...

It takes me an hour or two to figure out what I want to use on a card, but only a short time to put it together once I know what I want to use. Thanks for the fun week.


Stampin Cats said...

Total time?!? I usually never finish a crad in one sitting. I color images at work during breaks, I look for a card base when I get home, I look for embelishements after dinner. If I'm lucky I can have the card put together befor I go to bed. If not the next day after work.

Risa said...

Everything varies for me Teri, sometimes I can put a card together in 30 minutes! (my image is already colored in) When I start to question myself, I have to leave my project for a few hours and come back with a "fresh pair of eyes".
Thanks for the fun filled week of celebrations Teri! I have had a blast!

Janis said...

Hi Teri-

It can take me up to 1/2 day to make a card. I usually think, start something, leave it then come back to it hours later. Once I get going though, total time is about 1 hour. Then, I might come back to the "finished" project hours later to critique.

Thanks for the opportunity and fun week,

Elaine said...

A total week of fun and sharing. You're an amazing lady, Teri!
I can spend anywhere from 10 minutes to 3 hours on a card! LOL Usually though I guess they are about 1 hour?? Most of that time is spent looking for the stamps that I want....there are too many in this house right now! lol

ivy said...

it takes me any where between 10 minutes to a day or 2 depending on if my little boys let me "play". there are days where i can do 3 or 4 cards and other days, barely 1!

Jess said...

My cards take my between 10 minutes to 30 minutes. My record is 8 minutes!!!!

Jenny V. said...

It really depends on my mood and what materials I'll be using. I'll take about 25 - 60mins making a card. This been fun, thank for giving away these lovely candy. Have a great Sunday.


Colleen said...

Congrats to all the lucky winners. Congrats to you two for keeping up with our blog for two years even though it has been tough at times.
I usually take at least 3 days to plan a card layout in my head while I am working out. Then when I when I sit down to make it I am able to make the card pretty quick most of the time since all the planning has been done.

eunice said...

Congratulations to all the winners...I think we all had a fun time playing along, and thank you Teri for being so generous w/ all the candy!
It usually takes me 2 or 3 days to do one card! Yeah, I have issues w/ confidence in my color coordinating...

Sherri said...

Love the blog candy. :o) I finally had help in doing this "blog thing". So, you're my first comment.