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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Winners, Winners, Winners!!!

Know what makes me sad? That I can only pick one winner per candy! I had to write names on pieces of paper and pick them out of a bucket just to be fair, so without further delay, here are the winners!! FYI: Day 7 winner will be announced on Monday!
Day 3 winner is RITA! Day 4 winner is CHARLOTTE!
Day 5 winner is SASKIA!
Day 6 winner is NICKY!
Thank you all so much for playing along this week with me. I still can't believe that I've hung on for 2 years. There are times that I really was planning on giving up blogging because of the lack of time I actually have. But for now, I will continue because I have met so many nice and caring people all around the world through my blog. I will get mailing addresses from all of you to mail out your candy next week. Mahalo & Aloha to all of you!!


Saskia said...

Wow!!! I'm a lucky one!!!! Thanks!!

You already have my address from the swap...

Lovely greetings,

peggy said...

Congrats to the winners !!!

Greetings Peggy

Elaine said...

Congrats to the lucky ladies! :)

Unknown said...

Thank you, Teri!

Rita said...

Wow, I won...thank you so much Teri! Congrats again my friend on 2 years of blogging!

nicky w. said...

Woo hoo!!! Thanks Teri!!!