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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It keeps coming!

You guys!! All I can say is Wowee! and Thank you soooooooo much! Got more wonderful raks to be thankful for. This cute Easter basket came from my DL, Charlotte...love the spools of ribbon too, will come in handy with all of the projects I'm creating! Thank you so much! BTW, my family loved the Beard Papa cream puffs - you spoil us! This special Easter treats came from my GF Michelle...super cute and super sweet! Thank you soooo much! I love what you did with the envelope die, gonna have to make those baskets too!! I had so much fun spending the afternoon with you and Joy. Michelle taught the ladies some fun box projects.
Another sweet rak from Enjoli...I just loved her creative card with a pocket. She made me one of those cool luggage tags and some fun pearls and bling too! You're so thoughtful, thank you!!
OMG, my GF Linda went on vacation to LV and look what she brought back for me! Hello Kitty Las Vegas!! Whoo hoo!! I'm loving these Kitties! Thank you so much Linda!! Oh, BTW, loved the lup chong too...my fave :)
This cute Miss Anya card was created by my GF Eunice. So much work she put into this card as Miss Anya was embossed! Don't you just love the DP? I bought the pink DP from J's, it's sparkly! Thank you Eunice!!
**Sigh**...I gotta tell ya that I am one lucky girl to have such sweet and thoughtful friends. Thank you all so much for making me smile!


Swedie said...

You certainly deserve all those treats! Have a great week!


Risa said...

Wow...you have truly been blessed with awesome friends Teri! Your RAKs and goodies are awesome! TFS!!!

Denise said...

Wow, what awesome Raks...but you deserve them all!! Hope your week is going well.

peggy said...

You certainly deserve all those lovely goodies !!!


Joy said...

love those RAKS...I got to post mine too! I am so behind and haven't posted...I don't know why I feel so rushed...there's not enough time! oh wells...you are one lucky girl with such wonderful blogging sisters and friends =) have a great week!

Michelle Alejandro said...

Wow Teri you scored! Glad you liked the goodies, Joy told me that you didn't have that embosslit, so hope you like it!

Nikki Fairbairn said...

Wow, so many gorgeous RAK's Teri, you lucky girl, Big Hugs, Nikki x

Kyoko said...

LUCKY YOU to have such good friends! You deserve to be spoiled.

Colleen said...

What cool and very cute RAK as usual. I of course envy you with receiving so many cute Miss Kitty things.
Benson brought some Beard Papa cream puffs home this afternoon. Boy are they yummy. Almost as good as malasadas. I did not know that Hawaii has Beard Papa's cream puffs.