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Monday, March 30, 2009

One Card Swap participants

Hello Friends! So I don't accidentally leave anyone out that wants to play this month, here are the names of the people who signed up. If your name is not listed here, please post a comment, or send me an email to let me know! I'll be sending the names of your partners at the end of the week!

Denise N
Joy U.
Michelle U.
Lynn L.
Jodi L.
Sashia I.
Joni H.
Linda K.
Berenice R.
Kelli B.
Jayne C.
Mary B.
Cheryl U.
Did I miss anyone??? Remember, if you get stuck and cannot fulfill your obligation, no worries, just send me an email and I'll fill in for you! This is supposed to be a fun swap, so no stressing allowed!! I want to hear from you if you have any problems so we can fix them!!


Jenny V. said...

Hi Teri! I thought I e-mail you that I wanted to participate in the April card swap. I guess you didn't received it. Is it ok to still be in. If not then I can wait for May. Thanks!


Jenny V. said...
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Marisa said...

Hi Teri! You forgot me!!! :) I would love to participate for April!! Thank you!!! :)

Tracy.H said...

Hey Teri,

I don't see my name in there. Can you please add me to the list again for April? Thanks!