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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Thank You Card

I received this cute thank you card from my GF Joy aka Tamiko...Isn't this so cute?! I love the coloring - Joy just returned from CHA and was able to take a copic certification class! Lucky girl! Thanks for my card, love it!! Visit www.tamikos.com to see lots of fun products!


Jenny said...

Joy did an awesome job! Thanks for sharing it with us! See you soon!


Joy said...

love the card...love the coloring...love the layering...LOVE everything. suzi is so cute. hey, how many of our group is coming on the 14th? just wanted to make something if it's not too much! thanks! hope you have a great day. it's finally back to the grind for me.

donna mikasa said...

Super cute card--she's colored so perfectly!
I didn't know Joy was Tamiko and Tamiko was Joy!
Nice to know...she has cool stuff!

Islander Girl said...

She did an awesome job on this!!! What a great card!!!

Corie said...

So sweet -- love it!!

Jodi said...

Joy did a great job on this card!! how lucky of you to get it!!
Jodi =)

joni h said...

wow! awesome coloring! great color combo too! TFS!
BTW, I didn't get my partner for FEB OCS. See you Sunday!

Janis said...

What a beautiful job on the card from Joy! It's so cute. You totally deserve it!