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Friday, June 29, 2007

It's been a while, but I didn't forget!!

Hey ladies! I know it's been a while since my last blog candy giveaway and I bet those that participated in my giveaway must be thinking that I forgot about giving you all something sweet. I didn't!!! I've been doing so many things that I just didn't have time to get stuff together, so...I'm finally getting my act together for this promise. Here are the ladies that participated. Hopefully you will check back here so I can get your snail mail address to mail you off your sugar. I won't post what I'm sending til I send them all off. It'll be a surprise! Don't you all love surprises?? okay, enough blabbing...here are the gals that I need to hear from:
Debi (Debi's space), Kimberly (Crafty Me), Angel (Angelosity), Kristen Thiessen (I know you're on SCS), Melanie aka batgirl (Melanie's Madness), Rita Bracy (L8bug Stamper), Cakvd (Engineered Expresions), Patty H (I think she's on SCS) and Cheryl - girl, I know where to find you :)
If you know any of these gals, let them know that I'm ready to send them something special! You all can email me at tsuzuki_2005@yahoo.com with your snail mail addresses.
I'd like to thank you again for playing and for being sooooo patient!!! Mahalo! (thank you)

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L8ybug2 said...

Hi Teri, It looks like I'm finally able to submit a comment. I've been having problems the last couple of days. I sent you an email (twice) and they came back to me undeliverable. Anyway, email me at L8ybug2 at hotmail dot com so I can give you my snail mail. Thanks, Rita
Yeah! I can't believe I won!!!!!