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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Wow! for me??

I know Valentine's Day is over, but I forgot to take a pic of this cute goodie given to me from Joy. Love the Berry Bliss DS paper and the stamp from the hostess level 1 set called For a Friend. Lots of glitter here and a bling! pretty! and the peanut butter kisses - yummy! Thanks Joy!! hugs to you! OMG! Look what I got from cousin Pam...these pens are also Copics but they are Spica pens that sparkle with glitter almost, so pretty!!! She also included 3 sketch pens too - colors I don't have! Wowee!! I am speechless. Thanks Pam! hugs to you too!!
How sad that I still feel terrible. I know, I am home and I am blogging, but I just took my advil and I feel somewhat "okay" for the time being. I went to the doctor and he said I have something called neuralgia (pronounced noo ral ja) which is inflammation around your nerves that randomly spase causing a shocking like pain. Oh great! It affects my ear mostly, but also my cheek, throat and scalp all only on the left side of my face. He said it could last from 1 to 2 weeks, or less, and you just have to let it run its course. I'd rather be back to myself and at work! Well, thanks for sharing your Thursday with me. Hopefully, I will have some time to create something fun when my nerves are taking a break from spasing...


Anonymous said...

I love those pens and went to a website to look at it but it was very expensive...where did you go to get those pens again?
sorry to hear that you're not feeling well...I hope that you'll feel better soon...when I was in pain, liquid advil was my best friend. Take care of yourself and I hope you're feeling like yourself again soon! Joy

Unknown said...

Time and rest will make you feel better ... but glad to see that you're feeling better to do some blogging.

Risa said...

Hi Teri!
Your RAK and gifts are fantastic!!!
I hope you feel better soon, take care and try to get plenty of rest.
p.s. I'm going to add you to my friends list:)

Jackie said...

Ms. T-
I'm so sad to hear that you're not feeling well. Were you not getting enough restagain?
Hope you are able to bet back to your routine...get well soon!

Rita said...

Get plenty of rest & take care of yourself. Hope you feel better soon.
I have these glitter pens by Copic & I luv them. Your going to use them alot...trust me!