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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Baskets & Blooms new look and some raks!

I was so lucky to get invited to my upline's house last week Friday for a Hana Hou gathering. Cindy lives on the other side of the island from me, but Wini and I made the drive and we had so much fun. The gathering included a delicious meal prepared by Craig Ikeda whose wife Eve is a demonstrator. What a bonus for us! Thanks Craig! We also got to make 4 cute projects and this one was my favorite! This cute bag was created using the XL Sizzix die called Baskets & Blooms and the basket part was created using a 5X7 cardstock. I love it! So, I have to share with you my story with this die...I was so excited when this die was released, I HAD to buy it. Creating it was another story because of the round base, I had no patience to assemble the round bottom for this basket. What did I do?? I sold this die to my girlfriend, that was it. Now, I NEED to buy another die because I simply LOVE this basket and the easy assembly!! I'll share with you the measurements and do a mini tutorial soon. The flower was created punching out 5 scallop circles and spritzing it with water. I love this flower, don't you? Many thanks to these ladies for the awesome raks...sorry I'm so late in posting my appreciation...I will have more thank you's soon...it takes me forever to get my act together!!
From Kim Yu
From Colleen
From Joy U.
From Vina
Thanks so much for your kindness and generosity!! Sharing another mini cake soon with some revised measurements for the lining of the bitty box!!


kris said...

Love the bag!!! very creative... and the RAKs are all wonderful!! enjoy your new goodies!! =D

Unknown said...

Great RAKs, Teri. Can't wait to see your tutorial for the bag and the mini cakes. Haven't bought the die for the same reason but maybe I'll change my mind after seeing your tutorial.

Helen said...

I came to your blog from Patti Lee. Just wanted to let you know, your creations are very pretty and some I've never seen before like the tea light cake. Is it a regular tea light or is it a special one? Thanks for sharing your talents.

Shirley N said...

I love your basket, the colors are so pretty and your flower is just gorgeous!

Michelle Alejandro said...

Loving your goodies! You are so deserving and hope you are having a good week!


Brenda said...

That is one die I never bought, but I think you're twisting my arm to get it...hehehe!

Joy said...

love your bag! I wanna use it! nah, just rather you make one for me! hahaha! such wonderful blogging friends we have. great RAKS you got...can't wait to see what you create! hope you are having a good week. TTYL!

Jodi said...

Awesome RAKs you received Teri!! Love the new look to the bag!
Jodi =)

mst822 said...

Cute bag, Teri! Luv the flower. I must try to create a flower like that soon! Can't wait for your tutorial! Awesome RAKS too!

mst822 said...
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Colleen said...

What a super cute bag Teri. I am glad that you had fun at your uplines house last Friday even though you had to drive to the other side of the island. I am glad that my RAK made it safely to you.