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Thursday, May 28, 2009

It keeps me speechless

because my jaw is on the ground somewhere and I can't find it! LOL! My son would love to have me speechless for a day or two :) Enough silliness...sometimes after a long day at work, it kind of gets to me so I gotta "let loose" and have some fun.
But seriously, I am totally speechless and every so grateful to have Enjoli as my girlfriend. She is one of the most thoughtful and generous island girls. I send her some HK stuff because she's not here to get them and she sends me the sweetest thank you's. Here's a super gorjuss card she made using the GG image that I shared with her. LOVE the pink Enjoli!! Also, my very first Ketto stamps from Stamping Bella. Oh da cute! The two that Enjoli sent to me are Sake and Wasabi. Such fun names! You can get your Ketto stamps at Stamping Bella. Thank you so much Enjoli! I've already made use of the stamps and will be posting some cards and a card holder soon! Got a belated Mother's Day rak from my Hawaii heart friend, Colleen. She had her children write in the cutest Miss Kitty card, can you see the envelope too? I miss those days when Nolan used to write cards like that. Thanks Z & K for the cute card and gifts. You are so thoughtful!! I love everything! Colleen even made me a cute card and magnet calendar which is on my fridge already! Thanks Colleen!
Colleen also included the cow kitty figurine in my gift box and when I got excited about it, she told me that they had a collection and picked them up for me. Check them out!
I'm thinking of taking the keychains off from them so I can stand them up nicely as a display. Aren't these funky but fun??
Well TGIF...such a short week, but I really didn't break myself in, I just went for it and dove into my work. Only one word explains how I feel...exhausted!! I'll be posting a couple of Ketto cards and another card holder box over the weekend.
Also, partners for the OCS will be receiving their emails with their partners' name and info. Mahalo for looking today!


Linda said...

Awesome RAKs Teri! You are so deserving of them! You too, are one of the most generous people I know! Thanks for everything! Hugs, Linda

P.S.: Aloha Kitty says "See you soon"!

Risa said...

You are so blessed Teri! Your RAKs are super awesome from both of your friends!

Nikki Fairbairn said...

Wow Teri, what gorgeous RAK's. Hope you have a great weekend. Hugs Nikki x

Rita said...

Awesome RAK's Teri! I can't wait to see what you make!

Denise said...

Great Raks, for a great girl!! Those stamps are so cute! Have fun playing with them.

Islander Girl said...

You really are blessed! Oooh, I just ove that new Gorjuss Girl image! If it wasn't so darn expensive I would totally get them!

Joy said...

great RAKS...thanks for sharing! love those new stamps! what a lucky girl =) great to see you this week! thanks for the great food too! I am definitely going to try out your little purse! you did a great tutorial! hope you have a great weekend! can't wait till next week to create with you! take care!

Enjoli said...

Those Kitties are so cute! I like the black one! I'm happy you like the card and the stamps. Thanks so much for the images! They are so much fun to color! I can't wait to see what you create with the Kettos! =) Hope you have a great weekend!


Kyoko said...

Oh Teri, you are so blessed! Good people have good things happen back to them 10 fold! You truly deserve all the RAKs you receive from your super generous friends! Have a great weekend Girl!