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Friday, September 25, 2009

Claudie's Rak and a couple more!

Here's the rak from Claudie that I promised that I would post...I just love this cute purse and it was filled with yummy candies and cookies!!! Thanks so much!! This cute card and images came from my GF Liann. So thoughtful of you to send me some cute images girl and I love this cute card!! Mahalo!
While I was out of the office for that one week, I came back to piles and piles of work and to my surprise, found this mystery envelope in the stack of work. A surprise card from Kyoko!! I love this gatefold card! The flower is so pretty and soft. Thank you so much!
I'm working on my tutorial, hopefully it will be up over the weekend! Wishing you all a fun and crafty weekend!!


kris said...

Very pretty cards! images are really cute! Love the RAK from Claudie... have a great weekend! hugs, Kris

Joy said...

such wonderful RAKS from such sweet ladies! I want to see how Claudie made her purse! love those kinds of creations! I know we haven't talked or seen each other in a long time! we need to get together soon! are you going to that gathering? I'll call you later. hope you are having a good Friday. have a wonderful weekend...I'll try stop by to drop off the cricut to you on Saturday. if you aren't home I'll leave it with you parents or something. but I'll call first. TTYS!