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Friday, July 25, 2008

The first time for me

I've never used these laminate type of samples that you can pick up for free at the hardware store. I got a few pieces of these cool laminate pieces from Mary Bennett who sent me a rak from JT's Aloha Monthly Rak Club... I used Staz-on jet black ink and inked up my flourish stamp from the Baroque Motifs set. Then I used More Mustard ink for the flower. Had to add some stickles glitter and a "bling" in the middle. Finished it up using black organdy ribbon and the hole is already punched out on the sample. Pretty cool.
The designer paper, is more like cloth. Is this a sample too Mary? I've never used these materials to make a card before so it was interesting! I wanted to add a sentiment, but wasn't sure what kind of ink to use and where to stamp it, so I left it blank. I can always add it on later.

I hope you all don't mind that I share these crazy pics of my kitty, the Queen of the house...for some reason, she loves to lick the condensation off of my iced water glass. She goes crazy when she hears me fill my glass with ice and water. I have to tell her to wait because it's "not ready" yet. Wonder if she understands?? Anyway, this is what she does every night when the cup is "ready" for her licking pleasure...wierd, yeah? She can stand on her two hind legs for quite a long time and sometimes even walks a few steps. My dad is holding my glass for me so I could take the photo.

After she's all done, she took this position. Another wierd thing, but growing up with cats, my sisters and I call this position "bug". Maybe because she's round like a beetle on all fours?
Anyhoo, Happy Friday!! Another Friday is here! I'm still putting the finishing touches on my kits for Sunday's class...nine people in attendance, it's gonna be cozy :) Hope you have a wonderful day!!


Denise said...

Love the card Teri, what a neat idea. It's beautiful.
See you Sunday.

Unknown said...

Cute Mochiko pic - are the laminate paint samples?

Joy said...

that is a very cool card...can't believe how you can use other materials to make something so beautiful on a card...hope to see you soon!

Anonymous said...

hoooo girlfriend... you turned it in something really elegant..... for a black tie event thingy. very pretty... i am sure Jayne will be proud - you better go tell her so she can check it out!

Ceasar does the same thing with my cold glasses of water too. They must be hot. LOL!!!


Anonymous said...

This is so dramatic...love the color palette!

Jodi said...

Cool card, I like using items that aren't normally used to create cards and scrapbooks! Mochiko must be hot like Jen said, she's a cute cat!!=)

jayne said...

Hi Charlotte
The samplw os not paint but a counter top sample. They have a hole in the top and come many colors, some plain and some marbled like this one. The designer paper is a wallpaper sample, I sent those to my mom Mary who sent to Teri. Neat free samples!

Mary Bennett said...

Hi Teri,
Those tiles are from Lowes and Lumber companies, and i got some3X5 also free
I will send you some if you want me to they are laminate and beautiful. All FREE.
HAVE A GOOD DAY. No the paper was wallpaper sample.
Mary Bennett

Sheree said...

That card is just so nice. Very creative and neat idea to use those tiles.
I love those pics of Mochiko - you need to give me a cd of those pics so i can scrapbook some of those pic. So cute.

Rita said...

AWESOME card Teri! Such rich textures, you did great girl!

Machiko is such a princess & is so spoiled & loving it too I'm sure!!!
Their amazing animals.

mel m. m. mccarthy said...

Gorgeous! I love how you've used the laminated piece and the bling on your flower. So original and pretty. And the pictures of your kitty are AWEsome. She is SO cute licking your glass. Heeheehee she looks like a little person. I had to make Charles come see how cute she is. :0)

Gina Wrona said...

Looks like a winning video to me, eh? You should enter her in one of those AFV contests.